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'Megastar Told Me To Work Hard' : Rahul Venkat
Thursday, July 25, 2013 • Telugu Comments

'Alias Janaki’, the all-rookie film produced by a second timer Neelima Tirumalashetty is all set to hit the screens and the web paralelly on the 26th July. Be it the title, be it the names that are distantly but distinctly associated with the film or be it the music, or the enterprising move by the producers in releasing it online, the film has already made the eyebrows raise. Now, will it be able to translate into Box Office collections, is anybody's guess.

IndiaGlitz caught up with the male lead Rahul Venkat to know his preparations for the movie. Rahul, as his co-star summarizes, is a ruffian in looks but soft at heart. He is also the ideator of the story and has dreams in his eyes, about this movie and about his future. He is realistic about his association with the Mega Family and keeps it as it is. Excerpts from his interview…

Relation with Mega Family

I am Mr. Chiranjeevi’s first cousin, his maternal Uncle’s son. Having watched him from my childhood, I believe the urge started in me. My journey with the ‘Mega Brothers has been periodical. When I was a kid, I was close to Mr. Chiranjeevi, visited his sets and went to films. When I was a collegiate, I was close to Pawan kalyan, accompanied him to his gym and martial arts sessions. Then when I came into movies, I grew close to Mr. Naga Babu. Mr. Chiranjeevi told me to work hard and I did, I learnt that nothing comes easily.  I completed film course in Chennai and worked as an AD for a few movies starting from Annapoorna Studios’ ‘Satyam’. When the opportunity came my way to act in ‘Alias Janaki’, I grabbed it.

Pawanism means...

Pawan Kalyan… He was simple, He was casual and Loved to be alone. I saw him like this when I was a kid and he is still the same. Trait by Trait. Being a star, earning millions of fans didn’t change him a bit. To me, that’s Pawanism that his followers are practicing.

Dream to land up with this role...

Yes, I was a stand-by actor for some directors and I thank them for giving me an experience before the camera. Further to that, I never dreamt that I would act in Sanghamitra’s banner. I forwarded my script ‘Alias Janaki’ to Mrs. Neelima portraying myself to play the lead. They liked the script and then I came to meet and discuss with her. It fell in place… I asked her for some time to prepare myself for the role and she provided me with that space.

‘Alias Janaki’ is an Intense Drama...

‘Alias Janaki’ is built on a one-liner: ‘If Bribe Is Corruption, Then ‘Red Tapism’ is too…’ This is the story of a disciplined guy from a village comes to the city but unable to fit in the corrupt frame and revolts… ‘Alias Janaki’ is a complete package of Love, Action and Drama. My character is Janaki Ram, stuck in a confusion to chose between a platonic world his father had shown him right from his childhood and the real world he stumbles upon. This is the story of every common man and will be identified by everyone.

My involvement is just as an actor...

I gave the line which was developed by the creative team under Mr. Daya’s direction and Mrs. Neelima’s support to finally give it a cinematic look n feel. Cast and crew selection is left to the producer and director. I just focused on my acting

Sravan is a blessing to the project...

Audio has got tremendous response and we are lucky to have Sravan on board. He has got a musical vision that has enhanced the value of the movie itself. His RR scores have taken the movie to another level altogether.

Me, competition to 'Yevadu'...?

'Alias Janaki' is a genre completely out of phase with ‘Yevadu’, which is touted to be an entertainer. See, I always wanted to establish as an actor, an artist and this content has scope to perform. I am not a star and hence will never be a competition to my family’s heroes and their movies coz they are already proven stars.

Director's touch'...

Daya gave a cinematic touch to my story and took it to new levels of brilliance. His experience with Pawan Kalyan has really worked magic on the script. I am happy that he chose this story in spite of having written his own scripts.

Anisha, My Lovely Co-Star

Anisha has rocked the film. Being camera friendly, she could catchup instantly with the shooting proceedings. And it was a fantastic work experience thru the production with her.

Chemistry among the cast and crew...

This movie is about chemistry among the cast and crew and that wil