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Melody Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 18, 2015 • Kannada ]
Melody Review
Rajesh Krishnan, Chetan Gandharva, Karthika Menon, Akshata

Title - Melody, Producer - S Krishnamurthy, Direction - Nanjunda Krishna, Music - LN Shastry, Camera - RV Nageshwara Rao, Cast - Rajesh Krishnan, Karthika Menon, Chetan Gandharva, Akshata Moolra, Ramakrishna, Yamuna Srinidi, Prashanth Sambargi, Mandya Ramesh, Sudhakar and Shamanth.

A right film at the right time is ‘Melody’. The present generation succumbing to the social media and crossing limits on the one side and the actual love turning rare is focused after 14 years of ‘Vanavas’ by eminent writer Nanjunda Krishna. At many places dialogue writer Nanjunda is also seen for perfect wordings. Nanjunda Krishna is well aware of the present scenario in the society and mixed it well with some confusion in the second half. He should have injected more of comedy in the first half. Second half he is very competent. The great thing about the film ‘Melody’ is that melodious songs are at regular interval, state award winning music director LN Shastry never disappoints. The selection of artist is on good range.

All four connected to the film - Rajesh Krishna, Karthika Menon, Chetan Gandharva and Akshata Marla are apt and precise to their portions. The film also sends message on ill effects and injury to innocent brains when impersonation is utilized. In the face book page and protagonist with shy nature taking help of his friend to talk to his girl friend turns costly. ‘Melody’ 137 minutes and 38 seconds journey of love and life concentrate on four characters. CEO of a software company Kiran (Rajesh Krishna) his close friend Madhu (Chetan Gandharva), Anushka (Karthika Menon) and Benedict (Akshata Marla) are in the fore front of the film. Kiran has agreed to marry after becoming CEO.

The choice is Anushka. He seeks the help of his friend Madhu to talk to her and know more about. This impersonation continues for quite some time. After engagement and marriage - on the first night the photo in the face book of Kiran is known as fake. Hurt with such a move Anushka in high temper questions Kiran and he admits the mistake. The situation turns intolerable. For the eyes of Anushka father the duo pretend as couple. It is easily known by father Ramakrishna. The issue of convincing Anushka takes lot of time. In the meantime Madhu confuses Benedict on the issue. Benedict keeps away from the scene for some moment. Anushka also takes the wrong step of killing Kiran. What happens in the end part of the film? You can easily buy ticket and watch ‘Melody’.

Rajesh Krishna the terrific playback singer of South India represents millions of software guys in this film. He has different looks via hair style and costume selection is fine. His sober attitude for the role is wonderful. Software is very softy in his role. Chetan Gandharva is representative of fun loving youths. He has the grand look and dialogue delivery, easy going attitude on screen has a good fortune for him. Akshata scores over Karthika Menon in this film ‘Melody’. The presence of Akshata is felt more. Karthika Menon is homely and her tearjerker moments get good marks. Yamuna Srinidhi is good in the caring sister role. Ramakrishna as father is right selection. Shamanth and his wife combination on screen is peculiar.

Nannale Kogile Hadidanthe...Priti Kitabu... Kymae Illada..Kaddu Nodide Saddu Madide..(Salsa) and the song on ‘Gundu’ - Gundu Olag Hodre Maja Barthade...are well tuned by LN Shastry. He lives to the title of the film ‘Melody’. Cameraman Nageshwara Rao further lift the film with proper usage of lightings and outdoor locations are special treat to the eyes. With scores of action films, films with substandard quality flooding nowadays, Nanjunda Krishna and team has done admirable job in ‘Melody’. It is ‘Melody’ of love and life. Go watch it.

Score - 7.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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