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Memories Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 12, 2013 • മലയാളം ]
Memories Review
Jeethu Joseph
P.K.Muralidharan, Santha murali
Sejo John

With Memories, the young director Jeethu Joseph is all set to prove his conviction as a director who can effectively carve out  films in different genres with equal precision. His 'Mummy and Me' was a typical family stuff while 'My Boss'- a very regular Dileep comedy caper. And now with 'Memories', he has been able to create a intelligent suspense thriller  that stands out for its finesse in direction.

Prithviraj is a police officer named Sam Alex,  a heavy  alcoholic, who is on long leave following a personal tragedy where his wife teena and only daughter was murdered by an avenger.  Before this misfortune, he was known to be an efficient officer,  an encounter specialist who made the state police proud with his tactical thinking. His  mother who is deeply concerned with his boozing habits now request him to crack a case of a serial killer. He takes up the challenge but does it in his own style , which forms the rest of the plot.

The highlight of the movie is intelligent scripting and effective direction, which doesn't have much drawbacks. Jeethu  intelligently slow paces the movie in the former half without a single fast scene or shots or cuts, which helps him to engage the audience deeper into the complex thread. Though the  base plot have some similarities with a Mohanlal film of early nineties, the suspense drama  ably manages to keep away any predictions. And the finale is also befitting for such a dark thriller. There are of course a some  snags, few and far in between,  but discussing them will spill the beans.

Prithviraj takes the entire movie in his shoulder and watching his one of the most convincing performance till date also make this movie a must watch. Though his character sketch is far from reality(like sipping alchohol every now and then while in service, amidst investigations) , Prithvi gives immense life and believability to the role.  The others in the cast have little to do , though stars  including Miya , Suresh Krissna, Vijayaraghavan and Meghna Raj  does their roles dutifully.

Sujith Vasudev has came up with exemplary camera movements and visual design which has given a different feel to the narratives. The graphical parts are also awesome. Sejo John's songs are good while Anil Johnson excels with his BG scores. Big applause to editor johnkutty , for his fine cuts and intelligent pacing that is the trick behind its immense success as an engaging thriller.

On the whole, this 'Memories' is one thriller which may find space among the list of well crafted suspense thrillers in Mollywood. Have a go for this sensible stuff.

Rating - 6.75/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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