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Mentally disabled woman battered to death
Tuesday, July 4, 2017 • Hindi Comments

In a horrifying incident in West Bengal, a mentally disabled woman who had wandered accidentally into a village was tied to a tractor, stripped, shaved and lynched by villagers who thought she came to kidnap children.

42-year-old Otera Bibi lived with her parents, but on the fatal day, wandered into a nearby village. She stopped inside the hut of a villager, who assumed that she had come to kidnap his 10-year-old daughter, as a child had vanished from the village a month ago.

Villagers were quick to pounce on her and tie to her a tractor. In a video taken during the gruesome incident, village men can be seen smiling at her plight. People pelted stones at her for almost three hours.

The police rushed to the site and took her to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. The family was not initially concerned as they were used to her wandering off.

The police have detained villagers for questioning but haven’t so far charged anybody for murder.