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Metro Kathalu


Season : 1Episode : 1Release Date : 14/08/2020


Aha OTT platform has been coming up with mixed bag of content. Some are really good, some are too bad and some are forgettable. They have been trying to find a way to keep their subscriber base happy

Rating - 2 / 5

Metro Kathalu

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 14, 2020 ]

Aha OTT platform has been coming up with mixed bag of content. Some are really good, some are too bad and some are forgettable. They have been trying to find a way to keep their subscriber base happy and even increase it. They have been trying every kind of genre and this seems to be anthology weekend with Johaar and Metro Kathalu.

Director Karuna Kumar, who made critically acclaimed Palasa 1978, came up with this anthology of short stories. Let's discuss about what he saw in the lives of the metro people and how he presented them ...


A software employee (Thiruveer) falls in love with his lady colleague (Nakshatra). He proposes to her and she tells him her conditions. Leaving all aside, he keeps asking her a trivial question.

A drunken man is hit by a car. The driver behind the wheels is a decent young man (Ali Reza) and he joins the person in a hospital. Then calls the person's wife (Sana). She seems stressed and frustrated. After knowing why, he tries to help her.

A young working married woman (Nandini Rai) tries to have an affair. But something stops her from pursuing it. She immediately goes for a check-up and knows that it could be cancer. What happens next? Watch the series to know.

A middle class man (Rajeev Kanakala) loves Tegalu, a food item and he doesn't want to attend his best friend's birthday party. His wife (Bhargavi) is frustrated about his choice and complains about it. Will he tell the reason behind it? Watch the series


Anthology films try to see a taste in your mouth after watching them. They are normally about a collection of people, a city or a few people connected by an incident or something that defines everything. Just a collection of stories becomes a series of short films with no underlining aspect. Metro Kathalu tries to project Metro as a place for lonely people. They have aspirations, but they have to deal with family issues. They have sexual needs, animalistic instincts, they like human touch and all they want is to leave behind a good story for people to remember them. But can everyone desire for that? Is it easy to be part of a story where everything is hunky-dory.

In Karuna Kumar's vision, Metro demands more from people than they can take. You either run so far away from things that you cannot repair them at all or you either and up a lonely soul seeking refuge in stranger's company. Or you try to become a memory and hope people appreciate your desire and make you one. Tears are the only common aspect of lives of people as they cannot stop worrying about things. One gets everything he desires in a package but worries about trivial things. One longs for fatherly affection but finds it in food items than people. One needs to release their stress in some manner but sexual alienation from the partner drives them crazy. One more wants to have a good relationship with their spouse but their desires are like a painting on the canvas, which is beautiful to the eye but cannot be reality.

Well, he might have had a good vision in telling these stories and a reason too. But they just seem like sad perception of lives of people than enlightening. They all seem to state that every person has a problem and emphasise on the problem to somehow trigger tears from you than really tell the story. A story tries to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Just narrating an incident cannot make for an impactful story. That too at a snail pace. It is easy to get lost in trying to create something artsy and that is what Metro Kathalu suffers with. It tries to be a piece of art and great sad painting on a beautiful canvas and the director wants you to reflect on it as well.

But he chooses a melodramatic setting for everything. Things move as if someone has hit 10× slow button and you don't real feel for the characters too. At times the story becomes clueless as well. You know how each one will end and what they are aiming to tell us. And they do the same without any proper impact. The series is just a mix of random events trigger at manipulating your emotions but not stories that you chanced upon.


Hugely melodramatic and slow to progress. Not everyone's cup of tea.


Cast: Rajeev Kanakala, Bhargavi, Nandini Rai, Thiruveer, Ali Reza, Sana, Nakshatra

Director: Karuna Kumar

Writer: Chandan Kumar

Music: Ajay Arsada

Cinematography: Venkata Prasad

Producer: Kiran Reddy Mandadi, Ram Maddukuri

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