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Momo challenge: Are you in danger?

Saturday, August 11, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Momo challenge: save yourselves from this life-threatening game!

Momo challenge. Nope, we’re not talking about how many momos you can gobble down under a minute. This is much serious. Similar to the Blue Whale challenge last year, this year the web’s been flooding with this sinister challenge that preys on the lives of teens and adults.

A few weeks back, a 12 year old girl in Argentina hanged herself to death in her backyard, and filmed it entirely as well. Who is behind the Momo challenge? In short: no particular has been identified. But it is suspected to be a sick/twisted indiviual or organisation. 

How does the challenge work? Participants are asked to contact ‘Momo’, add a number to their WhatsApp. And then violent suggestions start coming with threatenings as well. The challenge ultimately ends with Momo trying to harm them or kill them. The challenge uses a ghostly image of a girl with popping eyes, and a grim appearance to attract users.

While the motivation behind the game is yet to be zeroed in, it has become a imperative for officials to stop the spreading and save lives. If you remember well, the Blue Whale challenge took five lives in India and 130 lives in Russia alone. 

Authorities suggest that teens or adults with low self-esteem are more susceptible to enter the challenge. This also necessitates the parents to be open to communication with their children in an approachable way. And by being cautious, we can save ourselves and our loved ones from this game.

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