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Money Back Policy Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 24, 2013 • മലയാളം ]
Money Back Policy Review
Sreenivasan, Nedumudi Venu, Sreejith Vijay, Bhagath Manuel, Indrans
Jayaraj Vijay
Manoj Ramsingh
M Jayachandran
Money Back Policy

After a few like Bharaya Athra Pora' and `ASK'  that worked quite well,  here is another  tale of a sexually frustrated middle aged man who develops a weird fascination for a young girl.In `Money Back Policy', debutante director Jayaraj Vjay manages to keep things under control though in a not so interesting premise.

The movie has Sreenivasan as Ashokan ,  a man who sticks to simple life and prescribe it for his family comprising of Urmila(Sarayu) and two kids, as he has got no better options than to be like that. And when his sister Indira living away at Chennai passes away, Ashokan suddenly finds himself amidst big fortunes left by his sister. He immediately changes ways from his simpler ways, starts to live in a villa amidst luxuries and find ways to spend money unwisely. Upon the insistence of his loudmouthed neighbour Onachan(Nedumudi Venu) , he falls for an insurance agent Roopa (Aishwarya Nambiar). Offering her the reward of big policies,  he starts to  woo her, offers her residence and protection finally to perish from his newly found social status

After being with some noteworthy roles recently, we don't find any reason for a seasoned actor like Sreenivasan to fall for the role that doesn't have any fresh meat. Though there are some satirical observations about the malayalee psyche, the attempts to ignite laughter fails big time, sometimes resorting to bufoonary. Told in flashback ala eighty style where the protagonist enters a bus to tell his tale to fellow passengers, the scripts by producer Manoj Ramsingh has pretty little that may impress and engage you. The twist in tale can be spotted miles away for an intelligent viewer. Even there are attempts by using that BG score of `Pavizha malli'  to remind you of classic Sreeni years, but more than two decades from those time, new age audience can't find the  proceedings funny as intended. The spoof of the song of `Thattathin Marayathu' also invites big booing all through.

In the acting side Nedumudi Venu impresses as Lonachan. Aishwarya Nambair in her first outing looks good in fine attires and may find few more roles in Mollywood. Sarayu plays to the demands of the role of a subdued housewife while Bhagath Manuel and Sreejith are apt for their roles.

The technical sides of the movie are pretty average, with the editing done too lazily. The  cutshots comes up as pace breakers . Camera by Murali Raman  has nothing exceptional to it while the only song by M Jayachandran  is poorly picturised.

All in all, this 'Money Back Policy' is a mediocre film. If you have plenty of time left for nothing important , this may fill your demand for entertainment, but in parts.

Rating -4.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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