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Find out what type of movie buff you are!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 • Hindi Comments

We've all got our types. No judgments there. Same applies to movies as well. We've all had that one friend who goes crying for the most cheesiest of the movie scenes and we also do have friends who goes laughing out loud at the creepiest of the scenes (compare Twilight vs American Psycho). But have you ever once stopped a while to think what kind of a movie buff are you? We're here to help, like always J

Romance buff

Like it says, they like a movie wrapped up in hearts and flowers. They’ll swoon as the hero woos the heroine. They’ll sing joyfully as the movie couple finally ties the knot.

How to spot one: If you’re in a relationship with a romance buff, he/she will expect you to do the same things from their favourite romance movie.

Movies like… The Notebook

PS: Please don't ask us if Fifty Shades is a romance flick or not.

Action buff

They love action. Blood, gore and violence doesn’t scare them. It excites them. From Bruce lee to Jackie Chan to Keanu Reaves to Sylvester Stallone to Arnie- everybody’s in the favourite list of an action buff.

How to spot one: See if they have Bruce Lee wallpaper on their phone or as a tattoo on their arm. Or you can serve them a bowl of sauce and see if they sip the sauce like how Lee tastes blood from his chest in Enter the Dragon.

Movies like…Kill Bill, Mad Max, John Wick

Sci-fi buff

They’re into science. No it’s not necessary they perform well in school and ace physics, chemistry and biology. But they have a liking for movies which bend their scientific minds.

How to spot one: Ask them to explain Interstellar. If you understand them, voila, you have found a rare true sci-fi buff.  

Movies like…Interstellar, Back to the Future

Horror buff

Horror buffs are generally fun to be around. They’re the type of people who invite you to for a sleepover and torture you with horror flicks, lights out.

How to spot one: They gifted you a replica creepy Annabelle doll for your birthday…

Movies like… The Conjuring

World cinema buff

They know no boundaries. The barriers of language don't apply to them. From Korean to martian to sign language they watch anything that they can get their hands on.

How to spot one: If you’re friend speaks in tongues when sleeping. Or if your Tamil friend suddenly talks fluent Mandarin to a waiter in a Chinese restaurant.

Movies like… any movie around the world except we guess Hollywood is not counted

Superhero buff

They have 105 t shirts in their wardrobe. And every single one of them has a superhero graphic imprinted on it. From Venom to Superman to Batman to Shazam, they know it all.

How to spot one: Don't worry, they’ll make it known to you.

Movies like… Avengers. By the way, when’s ‘Shakthiman’ coming out as a movie?

Hey, we know there are a lot more movie types. We just thought the list would be plain easy to understand. If we’ve missed out or you belong to another type why don’t you just let us know by commenting below?

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