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Mr Garagasa Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 12, 2008 • Kannada ]
Mr Garagasa Review
Sri Sai Productions
Ananthnag, Komalkumar, TS Nagabharana, Aishwarya, Lakshmi Hegde, Madhu Hegde, Vanishri, Pavitra Lokesh
Dinesh Baboo
Srinivasulu Hospet
Manikanth Khadri

Director Dinesh Baboo is highly influenced by Hindi film 'Bejafry' in making 'Mr Garagasa'. Apt and precise in his approach in the past Baboo handles the entire film in one house and minimum of characters, minimum number of days of shooting he has extracted maximum of output. Yet the major shortfall of this film is humor that is expected from Komalkumar and Ananthnag.

This is all about the story teller tale of woes. Before Muniya (Komalkumar) unravel his story he engages everyone and unites the broken hearts. On an invitation he comes to the house of producer Parathasarathy (Ananthnag) where he has a young daughter and wife Madhavi who is almost similar to Parthasarathy daughter age. Parthasarathy wife has walked out of the house suspecting her husband affairs. Suffering back ache in the fall at this juncture Parathasarathy receives Muniya who is after him to narrate the story for a film. In the turn of developments Parthasarathy becomes sick of Muniya but he is not able to get rid off him. In confusion Muniya send the wife of Parathasarthy out mistaking her when some other lady is discussing with Parthasarathy. This further boils up the situation. The estranged friend of Parthasarathy director Sharath an ex friend of Madhavi also comes closer to him forgetting the old feuds. But Madhavi went in anger is untraceable for Parathasarathy. Muniya who is in the house solves the cases one by one and wins the heart of everyone. Finally it is because of a tragic tale in his life you would come to know Muniya has suffered so hard he has been able to patch up relationships.

Komal Kumar is a chatter box. Throughout the film he talks too much that is boring at places. While talking too much Komalkumar body language is missing in this film. Ananthnag is the perfect choice. Actress Lakshmi (Julie Lakshmi) was the pair to Ananthnag in the yesteryears Kannada cinema. Now even her daughter Aishwarya is a pair for Ananthnag in this cinema. She looks plumb has nothing much to do. Lakshmi Hegde looks cute, TS Nagabharana the familiar director in a short role is convincing.

There is only one passable song in the film scored by Manikanth Kadhri. The cinematography by director Dinesh Baboo is not up to the mark.

This is a time pass cinema. 

Scoring 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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