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Entire Bigg Boss house turns against Mumtaj

Mumtaj had until now made an aura around her as one of maturity, love, sensibility, hygienic etc. But seems like the mask is wearing off for her. When already she has been earning the wrath of viewers, she has now refused to do the task for Riythvika.

Balaji asks if all these days her ‘love’ has been fake, Vijayalaksmi says that from now onwards Mumtaj cannot approach anyone with her mask of love, Yaashika tells that she has brought many issues other than health inside the house, in short: the entire house seems to be against her.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Mumtaj gets evicted this time instead of Aishwarya. And one might also be led to wonder if this is Bigg Boss’s tactic to save Aishwarya from elimination.