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Mumtaj uses tears after love fails

One can say that the most tactical contestant in the Bigg Boss season 2 has been Bigg Boss. She has managed to be lethargic in tasks, getting leeway in many circumstances by using the disguise of love according to viewers. 

Recently, Mumtaj’s mask has been uncovered by not only the contestants of the house but Kamal Haasan as well. Seems like her strength is wavering after the entry of the season 1 contestants into the house. Can’t help it when everyone in the house is cornering her!

And what does Mumtaj resort to in order to gain her earlier standing with contestants? Tears. Mumtaj began crying thinking that Snehan’s advice was directed at her while he intended for the entire house.

Unfortunately, her tear-jerking did not earn her any sympathy. Instead, it only has increased apathy. Hence it wouldn’t be surprising if viewers would try to evict Mumtaj following Aishwarya.

Here’s the promo video down below: