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Mythri Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 21, 2015 • Kannada ]
Mythri Review
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Mohan Lal, Puneeth Rajakumar, Bhavana Menon, Archana, Master Aditya, Samarth, Kushal, Devu and others.
BM Giriraj
NS Rajakumar

There is nothing like success succeeds! This is what happened in the third film of director BM Giriraj. His loyalty to script despite of presence of top stars like Mohan Lal and Puneeth Rajakumar is first admirable factor. Every situation in the film is well thought out. It is the story and screenplay how director Giriraj stitched utilizing the super powers earns him good attendance in the theatre. In the new generation of directors BM Giriraj has offered a fabulous film ‘Mythri’. You cannot ask anything better than this film ‘Mythri’ for a family audience.

Look at how he mixes the ills of the society, how he tosses it up with agility and dexterity. He is a very shrewd director and his workaholic nature is what gives outstanding results. It is not easy to handle power star Puneeth Rajakumar deleting his super stardom and bringing in complete actor Mohan Lal just before 45 minutes of the film. It is top class thinking and the brain work instead of lavishness that stand out.

The juvenile crime and how they should be tamed to be a good citizen is a socially relevant topic. As the veteran stage actor Master Hirannaiah always stated ‘Shikshana is important than Shikshe’ (educate instead of giving punishment in the prisons) director Giriraj follows the same strategy.

Poverty stricken Siddarama (Master Aditya) a bright 6th standard student, a great fan of Puneeth Rajakumar has exhibited his intelligence in one of the shooting locations. He goes missing because of his mother death in a fire accident. Caught in the web of wild and crude Goli Prathapa (Ravi Kaale) Siddarama is forced with medicine to commit crime. In one of the cases he becomes a part of a killing of his age group boy. He lands up in remand home. He has a clever thief Johnson (Jagadish) to his company in the remand home managed by IPS officer Ravi Shekar (Atul Kulkarni). The birthday celebration of Puneeth Rajakumar at this remand house is interesting part of the film. Siddarama misses meeting Puneeth Rajakumar at this visit.

The next time he meets his admirer is at Karunada Kotyadipathi. He sends right answer as his friend Johnson steal mobile of IPS officer. He gets the prime position of one of the contestants. Puneeth Rajakumar has not forgotten this Siddarama. As the contest for winning one crore goes ahead the stunning development happens when Siddarama is about to answer the last question.

That is the entry of Mahadev Godke (Mohan Lal) a scientist in the defense department. This is a very crucial development of the film. It is not fair to disclose it because you miss out the interest, the major move in the film. Whether Siddarama wins Rs.1 crore, Mahadev Godke and Puneeth Rajakumar conversation impact, the revenge on Goli Prathapa you should watch it on silver screen. The film ends with a statement from top star Mohan Lal. ‘Your father should have been alive to see your growth’ – to Puneeth Rajakumar is at right time from right man from right person.

Mohan Lal staying on the screen for half an hour of this 137 minutes film ‘Mythri’ is superb. His dialogue delivery is precise, one of the scenes where he shows his anger, he reminds Dr Vishnuvardhana. A class actor Mohan Lal has given top class performance.

Power star Puneeth Rajakumar appearing in the capacity of a real life image holds maximum attention. The contest in the beginning is a treat for Puneeth Rajakumar fans. His cool and appealing performance should definitely fetch a few awards for power star Puneeth Rajakumar. This is the stepping stone for Puneeth Rajakumar to take up such grand roles to win accolades at the national level.

Master Aditya as Siddarama, Jagadish as Johnson, IPS officer Atul Kulkarni stays in the memory for a long time. Archana and Bhavana Menon have wafer thin roles.

Maestro Ilayaraja in three of his tunes and background score gives a high level platform for the film. AV Krishna Kumar in the tiny places and at huge locations shows his dexterity as a capable cameraman. The editing of this film, dialogues, costumes selections are apt. A film with two complete actors Mohan Lal and Puneeth Rajakumar is a complete entertainer with touching moments.

You can watch this film unfailingly.

Score – 8.5/10




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