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Nagarjuna's witty answers to Amala's questions
Saturday, April 19, 2014 • Telugu Comments
View Nagarjuna's 'MEK' Launched Gallery
View Nagarjuna's 'MEK' Launched Gallery

Nagarjuna's "Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu" show was launched in Hyderabad on Friday.

To introduce the show to the viewers,Amala has hosted and Nagarjuna has taken the hot seat. Amala has asked some interesting personal questions and Nagarjuna has answered them in a funny manner.

Some of the questions are :

1) Amala : What was the dress I wore when we met first ?

A) Bharatha Natyam costume     B) Jeans & T-Shirt

C) Off white Saree                          D) Red Saree

Unable to remember, Nagarjuna has questioned if she remembered his dress whey they met first. She said he wore a off white dhoti. Nagarjuna said he wears dhoti only occasionally and Amala said that he had worn then as it is the launch of a movie.

Then Nagarjuna said that Amala had worn something off white sareee and he couldn't forget it ever as she looked dazzling then.

2) Amala : When was the Blue Cross in Hyderabad started ?

Nagarjuna answered it was in 1992 correctly. Amala asked how he could answer it exactly without options, Nagarjuna said that he remembered it because it was his money and he had given the cheque.

Amala said that Nagarjuna should be thankful to her as she didn't ask him for gold, money or diamonds and for this Nagarjuna said " Gold or diamonds can be bought by paying cash. But you are taking big cheques from me for Blue Cross ".

3) Amala : In which college did Naga Chaitanya study ?

For this Nagarjuna replied without options that he studied in St.Mary's college after school and then went to New York film academy.

4) Amala : What is the date of our marriage anniversary ?

A) June 10th   B) June 11th  C) June 12th    D) September 12th

Nagarjuna said " September 12th is your birthday. I usually get confused 10th, 11th and 12th. I think it is June 11th" . Amala said it is the correct answer.

4) Amala : What was the marriage gift I'd given to you ?

A) Diamond ring B) Rolex watch C) BMW Car D) Two puppies

Nagarjuna said that Amala gave two puppies, when he asked for dowry, when she came to Hyderabad after marriage to settle with him.

5) Amala : Which is the party I am joining according to media reports ?

A) Aam Aadmi Party B) BJP C) YSRCP D) Dinner Party

Nagarjuna asked if she is going to join any party without telling him and requested her not to enter politics. When Amala said what was the party according to media reports, he said that it is BJP.

The computer said BJP is correct and Amala said she cannot understand why the computer gave wrong answer as she actually thought  it would be dinner party. She said she is not at all interested in politics and will not join any party.

The couple has entertained the viewers with their funny conversation on the stage

Watch the conversation between Nagarjuna and Amala here