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Nakhangal Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 19, 2013 • Malayalam ]
Nakhangal Review
Seven Arts International
Rakendu, Madan Mohan, Megha
Suresh Krisshnan


Not all interesting concepts transform into fascinating films. This is due to the fact that each and every department of a movie is needed to week in unison and proper standards to create a watchable flick. Here in Suresh Krishnan's comeback movie `Nakhangal' presented by none other than Priyadarshan,   it's the performances and the screenplay that plays spoil sport. A wannabe thriller that appeals in bit and spurts, `Nakhangal' may not be a appreciable watch  due to its poor performers and average direction. Sure, the concept had the potential to strike a chord, but what unveils on screen fails to register an impact.

The movie has new comers Rakendu, Madan Mohan and Megha playing Giri, Jackson and Sherin respectively, who shares a big bungalow at Ootty on a rently basis. Their broker Jeevan(Arun) has made others in the locality believe that Jackson , an accountant and Sherin, a nurse are a married couple , so that they can easily live in the bungalow that is strictly being instructed  not to be given to any bachelors, by its NRI owner. Sherin is recently out of an affair with a man named Vinod, while Giri is working as a driver with a courier company.

However they are now not in a situation to pay the revised rents, and call upon Jeevan to find someone who can also share their bungalow. In comes a writer named Manjila(Nandhu), who was trying to find a place to pen his new novel. But on the very next day he embarked upon the new home, the youngsters find him dead due to over dose of Pethidine. And as they starts to call the police, they are dumb struck by the big money that they spot in the suitcase of Manjila. And little after, they also realise that the man who came up as Manila is not the writer in the same name. Left with a fortune to take care of, the threesome decides to drop the plans of informing the police. They instead bury the dead body away in an isolated place and decide to share the big money between themselves. They are not to do it in haste, but will wait for some time till no one else comes up for the money or the disappeared man.  But in no time, arrives a plenty of men who are to change the lives of threesome for ever.

The USP of `Nakahangal' seems to be its believable story lines and the thrills that the film offer in the later half. But all the men in the cast lines hardly know the in thing about screen acting. Only Rakendhu appears little bit better than the rest .The supporting cast of Arun, Santhosh, and others harms big time. With poor B Grade filming styles and an atrocious screenplay and dialogues that really dampens the proceedings.,  `Nakhangal' is sure to fail in the BO test. The technical sides of the movie are also appalling. Except for the visuals of a song filmed by Priyadarashan, the other frames by Bejois leave much to be wanted. The new digital film making also doesn't works well for the movie. The only song in the proceedings set to music by M G Sreekumar is destroyed by inane lyrics by Nadhirshah. All in all, this `Nakhangal' will not be your cup of tea in all counts. The lovers of the thriller genre may get interested in some parts, though.

Rating: 3.5/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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