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Nambiyaar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 19, 2016 • Tamil ]
Nambiyaar Review
Golden Friday Films
Srikanth, Sunaina, Santhanam
S. Vandana, S. Shaalini
Vijay Antony

Srikanth’s maiden production venture ‘Nambiar’ directed by debutante Ganeshaa has a great story idea of bringing the negative voice of a man to life. Unfortunately the insipid screenplay buries what could have been a highly entertaining film.

Srikanth is a youth whose ambition is to pass his IAS exams, but is constantly distracted by his inner negative thoughts which have the form of Santhanam . Delhi Ganesh happens to see his daughter Sunaina and Srikanth in close proximity in a few places and assumes they are lovers while the two are totally unaware of each others existence. The two then become lovers and when everything seems to go well Santhanam plays havoc in their lives by raising doubts about the girl and they break up . That is not all as the negative force also creates trouble between Srikanth and his parents Jayaprakash and Vanitha and brother Subbu Panchu and Divyadarshini. To make matters worse in a drunken mood instigated by Santhanam, Srikanth clobbers a police SI John Vijay who wants to finish him off by the encounter. What happens next forms the screenplay.

A bad screenplay does not help anyone and the fact is proved here with even the rock solid Santhanam failing to evoke even a single laugh. Srikanth tries his best but is nowhere near his elements. The rest of the cast like Jayaprakash, Vanitha, Devadarshini, Subbu Panchu and John Vijay sleep walk through the film. The only saving grace of ‘Nambiar’ is Sunaina who is pleasing to the eyes and is very subtle in her acting.

It is a forgettable album for Vijay Antony with none of the songs passing muster and his reputation as a good background scorer too takes a beating as the sounds are loud and jarring. Cinematography by M.S. Prabhu is quite good while Vivek Harshan the editor can do nothing to save the disaster. Debutante Ganeshaa as mentioned earlier had an interesting premise and the message he had in his mind is also worth a film, but his execution is so bad that it is a Herculean task to sit through the movie.

Verdict: Nambiar neither engages nor entertains and can be given a miss.

Rating: 1.00 / 5.0

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