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Nanbenda Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, April 2, 2015 • Tamil ]
Nanbenda Review
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Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayantara, Santhanam, Sherin, Susan George, Tamannaah
Udhayanidhi Stalin
Harris Jayaraj

This is the third time Udhay and Santhanam have patched up, second time for the trio of Udhay-Santhanam-Nayanthara. The formula has been simple, romance, light hearted comedy heavily relying on the comedian. The title is derived from the popular phrase in BEB, so does it bank enough to go on to become a blockbuster, lets find out.

The story:

As with OkOK and IKK, Udhay is seen in his familiar precinct, a roadside romeo falling heads over heels on his puppy love and with a friend for life by his side. Same scenario, little variety sums up Nanbenda. Udhay plays Sathya who goes gaga over Ramya aka Nayanthara, love at first sight pops out like a cola. With the help of his childhood friend Kozhunthu played by Santhanam he camps at Trichy, where the film is set predominantly.

The usual clichés are there in the movie, the hero’s n attempts to woo his ladylove only to face rejections over and over. As all light hearted movies do, the plot finally reaches to a point when love is finally in the air, yet the heroine decides to tell her agonizing past to her would be boyfriend. Things turn dramatically different after this point and the duos of Santhanam and Udhay end up in jail.

There is a whiff of director Rajesh through the flick, and why not as Jagdish the director of Nanbenda was an assistant to the former. The film finds its pace nagging at times, trots to and fro between romance and comedy missing the heart of any movie, a solid script.

The good things:

The film’s major strength is the trio of Udhay-Nayan-Santhanam, the plot itself revolves around them with little scope for the rest. It’s almost an extended version of OkOK and IKK, with predictable scenes all over. Udhay has done his homework , one look at his old movies it’s safe to say that he has worked on his body languages enough. As for Santhanam, he is yet again seen in a familiar role, his comic looks are stereotyped, yet the actor jiggles with one liners easily enough. Nayan looks dead drop gorgeous and emotes at ease, showing why she is the most wanted actress of Kollywood.

Harris Jeyraj has weaved out a couple of melody’s and as again its hard not to compare his previous tunes, but somehow the music just gets addictive. The picturization in Foreign locales is colorful adding cream to the movie’s screenplay. Director Jagadish’s debut with a light hearted entertainer works fair in places.

The not so good stuff:

Very predictable, no major push factors through the plot and screenplay. There is a small twist in the movie between the interval, when Nayanthara opens up on her past and puts the hero in a volley of laughter. The intent is to show that, what might be comical to one might be very sensitive to other, an effort that gets boiled down with mediocre delivery.It’s time for Udhay to step out of stereotyped roles into challenging ones, as with all his movies there is heavy reliability on the heroines and comedian.

Santhanam’s slapstick one liners and quotes on friendship, love are far too similar to his previous movies and for a comedian of his reach, its time he starts brainstorming new means to entertain. Minus the lack of a solid script and slow screenplay, the humor content might work as a breezy entertainer, kudos to the director.

Verdict : A bunch of laughs, only at times.

Rating :2.75/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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