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Nayakudu Preview

Nayakudu Peview
Raja Sekhar, Namitha


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • తెలుగు Comments

Rajasekhar has been in the industry for nearly two decades. But his situation has never been more desperate than it is now.

The doctor turned mass actor (and director)seems to have run out of tricks. Or at any rate, his one-time magic is no more evident or doesn't seem to work anymore.

Rajasekhar is known for his crusty, preachy, over-the-top sentiment-action films. His last film was Apthudu over a year ago. Critics mercilessly panned the film.Many had thought that to be the end of the good director.

But he is back with what he knows --- making a remake. Rajasekhar is a past master in the remake category. In fact, it can be said his career has been built on the strategy what works in one language can be duplicated in another.

In the event, his career-defining Nayakudu is said to be are make of the Malayalam hit Runaway.

Incidentally, Malluwood hero Dilip played the lead in that flick. Now, Dileep has an image that is the antithesis of Rajsekhar's. Dilip is down-to-earth, full of fun and slapstick comedy.

But Runaway also had some gripping action and sentiments. That is what Rajasekhar may be banking on to save his career.

Talking of careers, the voluptuous Nameetha's too is on the line. After a promising start, she went into oblivion and then into Tamil.

She will be hoping that Nayakudu gives a her new vista of life in Telugu.

Nayakudu is said to be amalgam of many things ---action, sentiments and some comedy. In short, a hotchpotch to try and satisfy all.

For director Kodi Ramakrishna, who seems to have lost all his much-vaunted touch, this is a typical film.

Sagar, who is producing this remake, has made lavish investments on this loud and garish film.

He thinks all the money spent will be worth.

The good doctor Rajasekhar is also hoping that Nayakudu is the right prescription for his floundering career.

The film is set for September release.