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Netflix offends Mahesh Babu's fans, fan war ensues

The other day, promoting 'SPYder', which is streaming on its network, Netflix did something naughty.  Posting a GIF of Mahesh Babu's dance move from the movie, it said, "Shoe readjustment is no easy feet but it's a 10/10 dance move. Spyder now streaming. Readjusting your shoe after someone walking behind you steps on it."  

Netflix went a step ahead by replying to a tweeple who sarcastically noted that the much-trolled step from 'Brahmotsavam' (remember the 'Ale le Ala le' step?) too should be added.  "Suggest this and any other title you'd like to see here," Netflix said, posting a link to its request box.  Going further, it wrote, "We'll do what we can to bring you more of that Mahesh Babu magic."  Without doubt, the word "magic" in the tweet has been used in a sarcastic sense.  

Encouraged by Netflix's active involvement in trolling Mahesh, a tweeple with Pawan Kalyan's photo wrote, "How dare you tweet about Spyder without mentioning Puchakay. You know the value of the song?"  To this, Netflix said, 'Haali Haali'.  

Sections of the 'Maharshi' actor's fans have been disappointed with all this.  There is a mini fan war going on between them and sections of Pawan Kalyan's fans, who are gleeful that an official social media handle is trolling Mahesh!