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'Ozark' Season 3 Review

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 • Tamil Comments

If you’re someone who’s not living by yourself alone in a cabin by the woods away from civilization, then you would also know of Netflix’s Ozark. The series which deals with ‘money laundering gone wrong’ as its central theme has attracted a lot of fans over the first two seasons. Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, ‘Ozark’ stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in leading roles. With the release of the third season on March 27th, fans have been going crazy and those who haven’t heard of the series before are turning to it in flocks (Thank you, quarantine). So, what does reviews have to say about the 3rd season?

Rotten Tomatoes

The tomatometer has given a positive high rating for ‘Ozark’ with a 96% score on the critic rating and 92% score on the audience rating. Yes, it’s that good. Might as well set aside some time for the binge!


When we dug up IMDb, we found even the peeps there were seeming to like how ‘Ozark 3’ has turned out. Especially, a reviewer wrote “Aside from trimming much of the fat from its previous seasons, Ozark season 3 also makes good on two of its most promising performers, Linney and Garner, who shine throughout.”

Chigao Sun Times

The Chicago Sun Times was also all praise for the third season of ‘Ozark’ with a headline that says ‘As the danger rises on ‘Ozar’, so does the brilliance.’ We would say, ‘As the show has been getting good reviews, so should you watch it’.

The Hollywood Reporter

While expressing the concern over some small issues over the first two seasons, the review actually gave a thumbs up for the third season saying that ‘this is probably the best Ozark has ever been’. If that’s not motivating enough for you to jump into Netflix right now, we don’t know will actually work.

Vanity Fair

What Vanity Fair had said about Ozark 3 might rise few eyebrows. Here it goes: ‘It’s still a gripping show, it just does a dumb thing. A frustrating new charcter causes trouble, but Laura Linney saves the day’, it read. However towards the end of the review, we (and Ozark fans) get some hope: ‘All things considered, Ozark is still worth your time, even if it makes some very bad decisions’. Hmm...seems like what they say is true after all... 'third time's a charm!'

So there you go. Most of the reviews have been positive towards the much acclaimed web series with many claiming that the third season is the best of the lot. So wipe away any doubts, and plunge into the binge!

(Psst…you can tell us if you hated or like the show…down right here in the comments)

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