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New York Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 26, 2009 • Hindi ]
New York Review
Yash Raj Films
John Abraham,Katrina Kaif,Neil Nitin Mukesh
Kabir Khan
Aditya Chopra
Pritham Chakraborthy

Instantly the innocents were tortured sans any clarifications pertaining to 9/11 incident. It's out and most of imbecility that American Security Forces had rippled down their lives. They paved the way for turning them into terrorists. Who bears the fault?  Kabir Khan elaborately blends the heart touching reality with interesting elements. He has precisely delineated the sufferings of an innocent tortured in solitary confinement that merely soaks our eyes with this picture.

Exactly there have been flicks churned out by World famous auteur on Post 9/11 trauma out of which Kabir Khan strikes Gold. A Brilliant attempt by Kabir!!!

On the pars, there are more entertaining factors set at the backdrops of college campus of fun, amusements and love. And you'll keep singing appraisals for every star-cast on screens. Know what? It's their biggest magnum opus in the career.

The film opens with Indian Immigrant Omar (Neil Nithin Mukesh) fed-up with turmoils once he's dragged into an interrogation by FBI Agents as a suspect. As an Indian Officer Roshan (Irrfan Khan) starts off shooting out questions regarding his college days, things swap back to the colorful-paradise like New York Campus. Omar makes his first time visit to New York for his studies and gradually comes across campus hero Sam aka Sameer (John Abraham) and red-hot Maaya (Katrina Kaif). Omar draws great likeliness for Maaya and get bound to letdowns. Well, Maaya is in love with Sam and Omar backs off with a pre-determined thought of not meeting them again.

But then, in the interrogation he's blown out of waters once the officer reveals - Sam is a terrorist now. With no options left, Omar is pushed to live with Maaya and Sam as a FBI undercover agent. Now it's his turn of posting the FBI Agents with Sam's every move and of course stop his mission indeed.

Rest of the film is about a bonding state of emotions, friendship and heart-breaking climax with finest conclusion.

Although, it's a pure drama that wouldn't keep audiences adhered to seats, it has right elements. An appropriate mix of best factors does work it out perfectly. John Abraham tops-on with a different attempt as a playful Sam and a serious guy who's so dumped-down with tortures. Kabir Khan has well handled the psychological imbalance of his characterization. On the pars, Katrina Kaif has got full-fledged space for spelling her adeptness. Thank God! She has finally done a great job. So, who's the man of honor? Neil Nithin Mukesh is extraordinarily mind-boggling with his gesture and emotes stunningly to every situation. Getting apart from these characterizations, Irrfan has a substantial role to perform right throughout the show. Sandeep Srivastava has offered him plenty of heart-binding dialogues. Especially the one about finding fault with both USA and Sameer for making wrong decisions has a convincing thought.

Musical score by Pritham is top-notching and Kabir Khan has well-placed every song. In most of the portions, the song keeps continually going amidst of dialogues. On background score, Looks like he didn't strain much as throughout first half it's more and more off the `Hey Junoon' Prelude. Cinematography is yet another embellishing factor with handy works of Grading (Color improvisation in post production) by Colorists. And again, posing `Philadelphia' as `New York' is a smart attempt by Kabir...

On the whole, New York is a collection amongst best shows of Bollywood. Although, there's certain drift in pace during post-intermission sequences, the climax is gripping.

Distinctly, its Kabir Khan's handling of difficult script and Neil's outstanding performance that wins laurels for this film.

Verdict:  Make sure you watch it.

Rating :***

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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