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Neymar shares WhatsApp chat of woman who accused him of rape

Monday, June 3, 2019 • Tamil Sport News Comments

Following a recent rape allegation made against Neymar by an unidentified woman, the Brazilian footballer took to Instagram to share a video of his chat on WhatsApp with the complainant, claiming that the case was merely an attempt to extort money from him.

A Brazilian police document suggested that Neymar flew the woman from Brazil to Paris, where he allegedly raped her in a hotel room in an inebriated state. “They began to talk and caress one another, however at a certain point, Neymar became aggressive and, through violence had sexual relations against the victim’s will,” the statement read.

In response to that, Neymar posted a seven-minute video on Instagram where he denied the accusations and shared his WhatsApp chat with the woman, where it was apparent that she was making a move on the footballer. She had shared many of her nude pictures to him as well. However, Neymar deleted the post a few hours later.

Extracts from the conversation (translated from Portuguese):

(Before Neymar visits her)

Neymar: Where are you?
Her: Hotel
Neymar: I’m very crazy
Her: Come here

(The day after the alleged rape)

Her: Are you still drunk?
Neymar: Hey, I’m working.
Her: I just arrived at the hotel, I’m going home tomorrow, find 30 minutes for me today. You will just meet the second one, the last 2 (of the aforementioned 4) we save for a later opportunity haha

(Talking about the woman’s son)

Her: Bring something for my son, his name is Lucca, he is a big fan of yours.
Neymar: I’ll bring something

(After she sent a picture of hers)

Neymar: A lot of clothes
Her: Come and take them off

Neymar further added that the move was an extortion attempt by a lawyer who was representing the woman. The player’s father, Neymar da Silva Santos, claimed that his son had been involved in a sexual relationship with the woman, which was, however, consensual in nature.

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