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Niharika on 'Suryakantham', campaigning for Nagababu & more

Thursday, March 28, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Niharika on Suryakantham, campaigning for Nagababu & more

Niharika Konidela awaits the release of 'Suryakantham' on March 29.  In this interview, she talks about the movie, her character in it, how Varun Tej became its presenter, campaigning for her father, future plans and more.  

'Suryakantham' is an atypical title.  Why did the director choose it?

Last year, I and my dad (Nagababu) acted in a web series titled 'Nanna Koochi'.  In one of the scenes, my father's character talks about me to his girlfriend.  The dialogue he is supposed to say is, 'My daughter is like Savitri'.  But he ended up saying, 'My daughter is like Suryakantham'.  Director Pranith was at the spot when this happened.  Perhaps, this is what made him choose this title!

What is your character like in the movie?

The name of my grandmom in the movie is Suryakantham.  And the name of my character too is the same.  She is someone who goes out of her way if she likes someone.  If not, she can be mischievous.  She is a straightforward girl.  I tried to ape the mannerisms of Suryakantham garu here and there.

How was it working with Suhasini?

I usually find it difficult to gel with senior actresses.  But with Suhasini garu, it was very easy.  She got along with everyone so well.  She is highly knowledgeable about filmmaking and her talk related to Mani Ratnam garu were arresting.  My mother too came on the sets and met her.  

Were you disappointed that your first two movies didn't do well?

NO.  I am not someone who feels exuberant when my film works and feels low when it doesn't.  I always want to give my best.  I don't do anything in an imperfect or incomplete manner.  Although my first two films failed, nobody said that Niharika didn't do her part well.  At least, nobody came to me saying that.  I always look up to Chiranjeevi daddy.  He used to do fights without a body double.  And Surekha mummy used to feel so tensed.  Despite his massive efforts, some of his movies didn't do well.  Sometimes, release time too affects a film's BO performance negatively.  'Suryakantham' is releasing at a time when exams are getting over.  The election-time temperature is taking a toll and people will want to watch our movie for relaxation.

How did Varun Tej come on board as the presenter of this movie?

Director Pranith is like my brother.  He wanted to narrate the script to Varun anna.  When he did, he really loved it and spoke to Nirvana Cinemas.  They liked it too and decided to bankroll the project.  That's how he became a presenter.

What about your plans as a producer?

I have grown up watching my father as well as Aravind mama.  So, I am influenced by them.  As a person, I don't take anything lightly.  At the same time, I don't depend too much on others.  I take care of things personally.  I always have a certain strategy for everything.  This attitude will come in handy when I turn a producer.  I have started a production house for the digital world.  As of now, I have no plans to produce any feature film.  At the same time, I am not against doing it.  

Have you shot for your part in 'Sye Raa'?

Yes.  I don't have any lines in the movie.  I will be seen in a scene or two.  But my character will get noticed for sure.  

When are you getting married?

When I said in an interview that I won't be getting married until I turn 30, my mother reprimanded me.  "Don't you want to get married till that age?" she asked me.  As of now, my focus is on acting.  When I wanted to enter films, some fans who have always stayed with the Mega family did raise their concerns.  But when I spoke to them and convinced them, they were OK. After having done three films, I now want to try a few more things on the creative front.

The other day, Vijay Deverakonda described himself as your elder brother.  Are you going to tie a Rakhi to him this year?

He spoke those words because he wanted to end the rumours doing the rounds about us.

Your father is contesting as an MP on a Jana Sena ticket.  Are you going to campaign for him?

After the release of 'Suryakantham', I will definitely do that.  I have to make notes before that.

How do you take trolls making videos against your family?

Usually, I don't even watch such videos.  When we are in a certain position, we should be prepared to be trolled.

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