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No Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 6, 2004 • Telugu ]
No Review
Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, Chaya Singh, Neha, Keerti Chawla, Tanu Roy, Asish Vidyardhi, Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam
D Anil Kumar, Palli Kesava Rao, Marisetti Sudhakar

No gets it perfectly right. It is a title that is inspired and almost intuitive. Anyone who watches this schmaltzy, gooey nothing will simply say 'no'. And for that the director (who presumably must have been in charge of naming the film) deserves a perfect ten.

For the rest of the film, he gets a ten ---in the minus that it. The film has no saving grace in it. No story, no script, no finesse, no technique .no nothing. A perfect No, if ever there can be one.

In this mindless crap, the hero and heroine fall in love with each other pretty early. So where is the hitch? Well the heroine had seen her bosom buddy being killed by her hubby.

So the villain's henchmen chase her. But the hero steps in and helps her out and even as you try and figure out why the heroine doesn't let the police know of these things. Why does she not bring the cops in? Well, by then, you also realize that if she had, the film would have been over with an hour. The director should have seriously considered the possibility, and had he taken that way out, at least you'd have been saved your inevitable headache.

It is a story that is so corny and tacky that even in your kindergarten-going child will find it difficult to appreciate. In between this marshmallow mindlessness, you also have an insane man doing, er, insane things. In the end, we are all told that he is investigating inspector. What weirdo ways!

The hero is NTR (Taraka Ratna). While he may be improving as an actor, his choice of films and stories make you wonder what kind of quality control is in place. His last film was Bhadradri Ramudu. It was a dud. But in comparison to No, it is positively Oscar material.

In a film of complete failures, heroine Chaya Singh scores more than pass marks. She has a spontaneity and chirpiness. She emotes well. But she is wasted in this never-will-do-well film.

Ashish Vidhyarthi, as the villain, hams without end. He is said to be a comical villain in this. If this is comedy, then glycerin induces laughter. The rest of comedy in the film is well.laughable.

Pappu, we are told, is the one who has handled music, dialogues, screenplay and direction.

Whoever this Papu is, he should be best illusion artiste this side of David Copperfield. For he has been in charge of something that doesn't exist in the film at all.

No, in the end, is a strict No, No.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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