Non-living main characters in Kollywood films

Come join us for a jolly trip to witness some important non-living actors that made the movies more special


Who knew the fight for the wall would kill so many lives? don't you agree

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

Love is Love though it is on a human or on a car


Yes he went to verges for his bike and we can never forget

Demonte colony

What's the story without the apartment


The telephone kept everyone connected! the ghosts and also us


A revenge through water? just unimaginable


Who knew the Lorry would just alter Dilli's(Karthi) plan of meeting his daughter


No! Rajendran (Rajinikanth) can never live without his Lakshmi

Indru Netru Naalai

We all wanted a time machine so badly after watching this movie! Prove me wrong

Sundara travellers

Gopi's ( Murali) first love was definitely the old bus he had


The purest love story with just some letters and a flower embroidered sweater