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Note Out Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, January 21, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Note Out Review
Thekkadayil Films
Nishan, Mithra Kurian, Suraj Venjaramood, Jagathy Sreekumar, Bijukkuttan, Anoop Chandran
Kutty Naduvil
Joseph George

As with the plenty that was witnessed last year, Mollywood of 2011 is also inaugurating its share of senseless movies with the latest `Note Out'. Not even offering a clue on why they have named the movie as such, Note out' is dreadful film making at its best with silly wits and outlandish presentations, but also with the least number of scenes that worked out as a movie.

The movie has `Rithu' fame Nishan as Pavithran who hang around with his gang of four friends, practically doing nothing. Pavi dreams of becoming a film director some day but his gang are regular shirkers of their jobs to play folly around the protagonist. After several traumas of badly executed scenes, they are given the final 30 days of freedom by their parents following which they must start doing some work. Enters the heroine Maya (Mithra Kurien) whom Pavi finds on a tree top and there starts the fights between them, which finally lead into Pavithran announcing his love to Maya in front of her family on the day of her betrothal with the intention to teach her a lesson. But to Pavi's surprise, Maya walks out of her home with Pavi. Into this mayhem lands the villain, that too in a double role, that makes the proceedings hardest to digest. To add to the chaos is a group of petty villains Mr Black, Red and White just meant to add  more fun, if anyone can take more...

Hope you got an idea of the detrimental effect that the viewers on cinema halls have on watching a movie with such an absurd story lines. Then there is the share of all follies centered on mistaken identities and double meaning dialogues. And definitely there is Suraj with his contribution of routine stuff.

The script written jointly by Y V Rajesh and Kutty Naduvil must be preserved to be distributed in study classes on `how not to make awful movies'. Competing with the worseness of the scripts is the direction (if any) by the debutante Kutty Naduvil, who seems to have got no idea on what is really happening up there.

The performance are also no good either with Nishan' failing to give a different expression even if lightening hits him. Mithra Kurian is the only actor in the proceeding who manages with an adequate performance. The comedians like Anoop chandran and Bijukuttan fails miserably in making things work and the movie  is an example for how risky they are , if they are left free with none out in the helm to control them.

`Note Out' thus qualifies as the first movie of the year which can definitely be  kept away from any sort of inspection, as it is sure to hurt you badly.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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