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Nothing called One-Man Show: Arjun
Monday, August 14, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Arjun, who enjoys the sobriquet of 'Action King', is now the newest, trendiest villain in the town.  'LIE' is bringing him accolades by dime a dozen.  In this interview, he talks about why he did the role, whether he will join politics, making his daughter an actress, and more.

"Although I have done 150 films, I wanted to try something new here and now.  I am playing main lead's roles in film after film, but I wanted to do a distinct role so that I can bring out something new.  I am doing a distinct role in Allu Arjun's film ('Na Peru Surya') as well.  I am enjoying playing roles with different shades. When God is giving me an opportunity, I thought I should use it," he starts off.

Didn't he weigh the pros and cons of turning into a villain?  "I did like the story when Hanu Raghavapudi narrated it to me.  But playing a villainous role has so much intertwined with what I am doing in other films. But I went ahead to do the role because the character Padmanabham has got so much of depth.  Moreover, I like Nithin as I had already worked with him on 'Sri Anjaneyam'," the Action King says.

What does he have to say about the response to the role?  "I am contented that I have been getting the same kind of response for this negative role as I have always got in general," Arjun ponders.

"The making style of our movies is undergoing change.  In Hollywood, an actor who has played a positive role in one film plays a negative role in another.  In yet another film, he plays a small role.  In Indian cinema, of late, many actors are trying out different roles," he analyzes.

"Even if nobody does a movie with me, I can produce a film, I can direct a film," he adds.

Does he believe that a film can be a one-man show?  "It's not sane to suggest that a film is a one-man show.  No film can be described in that way.  A film is not anybody's singular effort.  The director and so many technicians too work on a movie," he replies.

At a time when Kamal Haasan and Upendra are talking about politics, we ask him if Arjun has an interest in it.  "Be it a good or a bad politician, he or she has to have a good grasp of politics.  I am not knowledgeable about politics.  Just because one is into cinema and enjoys popularity, one can't step into politics.  You can render good even by being a film star," he answers.

"I did 'Jai Hindi-2', which talked about educational reforms, for example.  The film fetched me the Karnataka State Award.  Patriotism is not just about guarding the borders as a soldier; anything you do which helps the country is a patriotic act.  Keeping the surroundings hygienic, feeding the hungry, all these are patriotic acts," he opines.

"I am doing a film with my daughter Aishwarya in the main role.  The shooting is fast nearing completion.  When I made her an actress, so many asked me, 'Why?'  I, who has been in the industry for 35 years, trust it.  Every industry has its pluses and minuses," he signs off.