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Oh My Friend Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 11, 2011 • తెలుగు ]
Oh My Friend Review
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Siddarth, Shruthi Haasan and Hansika Motwani
Venu Sriram
Dil Raju
Rahul Raj, Anil. R

There comes a particularly heart-warming moment in Oh My Friend, somewhere in the middle of second half that deserves a standing ovation.  Killer calls her friend Faltoos, asking him to see her immediately just to tell him that his dad is so busy celebrating his (Faltoos') new-found success as a guitarist that he is riding about on a bike with his mom seated in the pillion without a break.  As Shruti Hassan tells this with a glint in her eyes and Siddharth raises a toast to her friendship, giving her credit for all the success he has had in career and love, you mutter to yourself, "Dil Raju was right.  OMF has indeed got surprising elements."  This is probably the greatest scene you would have watched in years.  Hats off for the richness of imagination!

OMF is a rare film that works at the level of touching your heartstrings.  This is a sensible story of a girl and a boy, whose friendship is innocent and pure.  For once, a Telugu film is celebrating a soulful relationship between two long-time friends, without cultivating cliches and by telling their story in an out-of-the-ordinary style.  Chandu (Sid) and Siri (Shruti) have always been children at heart and will remain so forever.  This is the essence of their friendship, which OMF showcases with an amazing sensitivity.

Director Venu Sriram's style is refreshing.  In telling a cute story that is fraught with delicate emotions, he keeps the film robust and folksy, without making it melodramatic.  This is what sets OMF apart from other films of this genre which we have seen in the past.

Chandu and Siri are childhood friends.  Chandu is just back from Mumbai after learning music instead of studying for MBA.  He is unsettled in career, which is a cause of heartburn for his father (Tanikella Bharani).  Siri reassures his father that Chandu's life is her responsibility till he becomes a success.

Standing as a guiding light in his life is Siri.  She becomes a pillar of support when he falls in love with Ritu (Hansika Motwani), his intermediate classmate.

Sweet troubles begin when Chandu unwittingly distances himself from Siri in the process of getting close to Ritu.  Siri being a woman and a possessive friend, she starts feeling the pinch.  Ever as they are unconditionally friendly, they make up without much fuss.  However, they do not foresee the problems coming in the form of their fiances.

The second half is all about how they sort out the complications for which they were unprepared and how they address the unfounded insecurities in Ritu (Hansika) and Udai (Navdeep).

The director handles the script in a mature fashion.  Kudos for the brilliant treatment and the very many touching moments.  The film is true to the title and it is an honest attempt.

Talking about the best aspects of OMF, we would describe the performances first.  Shruti Hassan, conveying a remarkable poise and a distinctly expressive style, delivers the best performance.  Not too far behind is Sid, who re-invents himself here.  He is just delightfully different from his previous films; very youthful and composed at once.  Between Shurit and Sid, you have the most characteristically subtle and sophisticated acting output.  Navdeep and Hansika fit the bill.

Dialogues are measured.  Thought-stirring lines temper the film.  Sample these: "Thanking you is like thanking myself looking into the mirror" (Chandu to Siri), "This contest is a competition with yourself" (Siri to Chandu), "(With me) you will change like yourself" (Chandu to Ritu).

Songs are all right and add a texture to the narrative.  Mani Sharma's background score is another highlight.

Post Script: OMF is a riot of colours.  It celebrates the joy of friendship.  GO FOR IT.

Released on: 11th Nov, 2011

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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