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One Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 29, 2013 • മലയാളം ]
One Review
Jagadish, Vishnu Nandan, Devika Nambiar, Vinod Menon, Soumya Sadanandan, Rosin Jolly
Parthan Mohan

Coming from a bunch of new comers, `One ` was publicized as a horror flick based on a real story about zombies that happened at Scotland. The movie has the usual thread of a spooky house and a few youngsters who  have their fateful night on it as its lead content, and surprisingly  nothing else.

`One'  has five friends played by Rosin, Vishnu, Vinod, Devika and Saumya, playing characters in the same names. They appear as five techies by profession who likes to hang out to interesting and tougher places when ever they get a holiday. And this time, they head to a reportedly creepy manor on a hilltop, a few kilometers away from the city. They, for the first time, bring with them their boss (Jagadeesh), who is struggling to get over the recent loss of his wife Uma. From the first minutes on the house, we are let known that this is a spooky house where none will dare to stay. But the youngsters surprisingly decide to walk in, live in the dusty, hardy lit rooms,  just with no convincing  reasons.

The movie definitely interests you with its opening scenes, but within minutes every kind of cliches associated with the Indian horror movies, hallmarked by the likes of RGV parades in. From the rusty iron gate, to the dusty interiors, the slamming doors, weird voices, the cobwebs, the lifeless red curtains, the disconnected telephone ringing aloud, the swing that refuses to move, the still pond and the tree with the multi coloured ribbons  - everything is incorporated to bring in the needed eerie feeling.

The only real highlight of the movie is that the director Parthan Mohan is totally in control, though the narratives scripted by Arjun Mohan will not impress you much with no convincing finale. There is no real suggestions of the lurking evil or a maniac who is out in loose.The several attempts to frighten just fail to make any impact. The cinematography is ok, as the whole final sequences are just made in the lights of a torch. And the much expected visual effects that are part of such movies are totally missing.  The BG scores by Ashwin Johnson are impressive and sets the mood. The performances by the newcomers are even with Rosin and Vishnu offering promises for a good start.

All in all, this `One' is a total experimental stuff. If you are an activist of raw experiments in films, just have a go

Rating : 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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