One Vadivelu Many Comedy Faces

'Anegan' - The SWAT Analysis

He is next only to Kamal Haasan as far a donning many get ups are concerned. The unique body language that he gives for each character and getup is a treat to watch and that is what makes him stand apart from the rest. Vadivelu is ready to rock as Eli` from this Friday the 19th June and here we present some of Vaigai Puyal`s famous characters that will bring a smile immediately to your faces as you read on.

Kai Pulla - 'Winner'

Kaipulla Winner vadivelu

The real winner of the movie was Vadivelu whose green shirt, gelled hairdo and eyebrow drawn mustache is still a scream after so many years. Sandaiyila Kiliyadha Sattaiyenga irukku`, Adhu Pona Maasam, Idhu Intha maasam`, Venaa...Venaa...Aludhuduven`, Oru ilaignian oru ilaigni kaiya pudichi ilukathaan seivaan` are evergreen Vadivelu lines that are largely used in everyday life.

Naai Sekar - 'Thalai Nagaram'

thalainagaram vadivelu

Building strongu basement weeku` is one of the best comedy lines in world entertainment mouthed in trademark Vadivelu style. Sundar C`s cleverly placed subplot involving Vadivelu gave the director a decade long acting career. This is one film in which not even a single joke by Vadivelu misses its mark and Naai Sekar will live in fans` hearts for a lifetime.

Snake Babu - 'Arya'

Snake Babu  Arya

The blonde hair color and the short bob cut and of course Vadivelu`s impeccable English makes this character on par with any world famous comedy characters even ones played by Jim Carrey. The highlight of this beggar turned ward councilor is when Vadivelu positions his right hand like a snake and speaks Snaaaaaake Baaabu… Itsu Me` and sticks out and rolls his tongue in snaky fashion.

Theepori Thirumugam - 'Englishkaaran'

Theepori Thirumugam  'Englishkaaran'

Vadivelu has a formidable rival in Sathyaraj in this film, but still holds his own as Theepori Thirumugam who visits his sister`s house for the ear piercing ceremony of his three year old niece and never leaves the house till that girl and her sister become grown ups. The rivalry between Sathyaraj and Vadivelu for the affections of Namitha are a treat to watch.

Vandu Murugan - 'Ellaam Avan Seiyal'

Vandu Murugan  'Ellaam Avan Seiyal'

The advocate Vandu Murugan who jumps into politics and faces the consequences is a laugh marathon conducted by Vadivelu. The scene where his sidekicks Halwa Vasu and Lakshman visit Vadivelu in person claiming that there is no Jamin in the sea will bring the house down.

Vedimuthu - 'London'

Vedimuthu - 'London'

It can't get any bigger than this for Vadivelu plays a lawyer practicing in the High Court of London, need we say more. Vadivelu`s English accent and his longing for Mumtaz while handling huge wife Babyma (Nalini) that lands him in big trouble makes Vedimuthu an unforgettable character.

Pulikesi - 'Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi'

Pulikesi  'Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi'

Vadivelu`s first attempt as full fledged hero was received with open arms by Tamil audiences and the in this film Vadivelu is at his best as the conceited king Pulikesi who places himself above his Kingdom and ultimately pays the price. The unique mustache that Vadivelu sports alone is enough to bring loud laughter and the rest is history. Responsible for coining the word 'Agaaga ga'.

Veerabagu - 'Giri'

Veerabagu - 'Giri'

The pajama jibba garb and curly hair that Vadivelu sports for this film will keep the smile on through out the movie but the one scene that stands out is after getting beaten up for seven days continuously and when Arthi asks him why he did not hit back Vadivelu replies 'Adichitirukumbothu Oruthan...ivan evlo adichaalum thangraan rumba nallavannu oru vaarthai sollittaamaa....Naanum evlo neramthaan valikatha mathiriye nadikirathu'.

Encounter Ekaambaram - 'Maruthamalai'

Encounter Ekambaram Elumalai vadivelu

Vadivelu`s turn as the corrupt head constable brought the house down in every single scene he appeared the highlight being the negotiation he holds with Mahanidhi Shankar to hit him inside the police station in return for a house and Arjun intervenes and Ekambaram gets pulped.

Sanki Monkey - 'Pokkiri'

Sanki Monkey - 'Pokkiri'

One of the best pair with cent percent on screen chemistry is Vijay and Vadivelu and they both are at their peak in the scenes involving them both. The Japanese hairdo is enough to keep the laughs ringing throughout the film, but for want of space we mention the scene in which Vadivelu teaches Asin self defense techniques. 'Shhr

He is next only to Kamal Haasan as far a donning many get ups are concerned. The unique body language that he gives for each character and getup is a treat to watch and that is what makes him stand apart from the rest...