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Only cinema is my lover right now : Sumanth Ashwin [Interview]

Sunday, August 17, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Sumanth Ashwin, who acted as the lead actor in the recently released movie, 'Lovers', is very happy with the response for the film and has shared a few things about the film in an interview.

In his words...

Like a world cup match

I am really happy with the response for the film. I've watched the film in theatre and audiences are enjoying it as if it is a world cup match. Especially the last 40 minutes of the film has entertained the audiences well and they can't control their laughter. We are happy at the success of our film.

First commercial hit

Though 'Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha' film was received well and critically acclaimed, 'Lovers' is my first commercial hit. I must thank Maruthi, director Harinath, my father and all who are behind the success of this film.

Good judge

The makers had approached me even before the release of 'AMAT' and I liked the story. When dad heard it, he suggested some corrections to Maruthi and I think the movie has become even more special after those corrections. My dad has a good judgement over stories like Dil Raju, S.S.Rajamouli etc.

Sapthagiri's comedy is highlight

Everyone worked hard for this film and Sapthagiri's comedy in the last 40 mins is the special highlight. I never had the feeling that he will dominate us. Because no film becomes a hit if only the last 30 or 40 mins has a good comedy. They will become hits, if the whole film is good and the climax episodes has a good comedy. The credit of success goes to the whole team.

Wonderful actress

This movie would have not happened if Nanditha has not signed it. Because, there are some scenes, which were written only for her and only she can do them. She is a wonderful actress and she has done a fabulous job in this film as Chitra.

In love with only movies

During the shooting, Maruthi asked me if I was in love seeing an expression of mine for a scene, which he said only people in love can put on. But I said that I'd not fallen in love with anyone yet. Right now, only cinema is my lover and I am not thinking of anything else.

He leaves it to me

My father leaves the judgement regarding a story to me as I've to face problems in future if everything is decided by him. As an actor, I am never satisfied with my work and I always think that I should have done a particular scene better when watching my films. I think every actor would be the same.

Two different films

Currently I am working for two films. One is Dil Raju's 'Kerintha' and the other is a film in the direction of Vema Reddy, an associate of Sukumar. Both are love stories, but are completely different.

Sumanth Ashwin concluded saying that the entertainment quotient in the film is very good and audiences should come to the theatres to get entertained.