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Oops! Indian men have short 'Johnson'

The makers of 'Mithai' released the teaser for their film on Friendship Day this Sunday. But they could as well have released it on World Penis Day (yes, there is such a day on Earth)!  (Well, we are only joking.  Let's not reduce the dark comedy to a penis) 

Our focus on the male genital is because the characters played by Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna in the comedy have a code word for it.  It's 'Johnson'.  'We played with our Johnsons as kids', simply means that they played with each other's male organs as children.  Such 'hardcore' friends, we tell you.  

Not just this.  Towards the end of the teaser, the apparently short penis of Bhushan Kalyan's character is mocked by one of the main leads.  Believe it or not, the director has done his research.

It has been scientifically established that Indian men have shorter penises than men from many other countries because of genetic factors.  "We Indians have small Johnson only.  Watch Indian porn and then watch world porn, see for yourself, you don't watch porn," director Prashanth Kumar recently told a friend on his social media page.  

The film will hit the screens in September.  Here we hope it will have a long and fat (pun intended) run at the box-office.