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'Operation 2019' will provoke thinking in audience: Srikanth

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Operation 2019 will provoke thinking in audience: Srikanth

Srikanth gears up for the release of 'Operation 2019' on December 1. In this interview, he talks about what kind of a film it is, his upcoming projects, his son's film with Prabhu Deva and more.

Are you not scared that '2.0' will give you a very tough competition?

I am confident that this film will be a bigger hit than even 'Operation Duryodhana'. I am not conscious of the fact that it's coming two days after '2.0'. If your movie is good, it can become a hit along with a big-ticket entertainer.

As the title suggests, the movie seems to have a strong political point. What's it?

The film talks about the responsibility of the people in a democracy. At one point in the story, it argues that it may not be wrong for politicians to loot the country. As for my character, he is born in a village. Upon his return from abroad, he approaches a politician for help. What kind of treatment he faces is interesting to watch. From then, the story takes a turning point. This guy enters politics due to anger with politicians. Soon, he asks himself if all the blame in a democracy has to be taken by politicians alone.

What is the USP?

The points that the film raises will find their echo in the audience's minds. The mistakes that we do as citizens, as voters, etc start from the point we elect our leaders.

What kind of role is Manchu Manoj playing in the movie?

Manoj's role will be a highlight. He is the perfect actor to play the role. What is that point, you will know it when you watch 'Operation 2019'. Sunil too has a very interesting role.

Tell us about the music.

The music by Rao Rock Shakil has come out really well. All the songs are situational in nature. The 'Vandemataram' song was rendered by Kala Bhairava. You will be reminded of the AR Rahman-composed song listening to it.

Are you counting on your track record, given that 'Operation Duryodhana' and 'Mahatma' were hits?

The film conveys the message it wants to say in a straightforward manner. The audience will receive it in a big way like they enjoyed 'Operation Duryodhana'. In the beginning, the release was targeted for 2019. But since elections in Telangana have been advanced, we are arriving early. I hope the impact will stay put till 2019 elections.

Are you insisting on doing only hero's roles of late?

I entered the film industry with the aim of becoming a hero. In the beginning, I was offered villain roles. I did them with all liking. I am doing any film that offers me a good role, be it a hero or a character artiste.

What is your son, Rohan, doing?

Rohan is doing a film with Prabhu Deva. It will be released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. He will be seen as Prabhu Deva's son. The plan is to launch Rohan in 2019 as a hero.

It's said that you have no enemies in the industry. You had to take sides when a controversy recently broke out between Shivaji Raja and Naresh. How do you see that?

One has to be scared only if he or she has done some wrong. I have not sinned. If I do any mistake, I will say sorry.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am doing a film titled 'Marshal' in the direction of Jayaraj. This is a big-budgeted movie. Another actor will co-star with me in this one. 'Telangana Devudu' is my another project.

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