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Orange Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 26, 2010 • Telugu ]
Orange Review
Anjana Productions
Ram Charan, Genelia, Shajan, Brahmanandam, Prabhu, Suman, Pragathi, Kishore, Praneeth and Kalpika
K Nagababu
Harris Jairaj

Bhaskar had given a hit with his debut `Bommarillu'. His next film `Parugu' ended up in above average talk. However, he got an opportunity to direct Ram Charan's third project. However, Ram Charan sought a film where the hero should have an urbane look and it should be a love story, as he doesn't want to remain a mass hero and should be projected for urbane youth as well. Keeping this in mind Bhaskar tried to weave a different love story and almost he succeeded in his attempt in showing Ram Charan in a new angle.


The storyline in the film is very delicate. Ram (Ram Charan) completes his engineering and stays with his sister (Manjula) and brother-in-law (Sanjay Swaroop) in Sydney. He wants to fly but in a different manner, so he learns sky-diving. He likes the photography, that too in a different way. So he turns a wildlife photographer. He wants to be a painter but he paints graffiti on the walls. So, he just wants to be different from others. He falls in love with Ruba (Shazahn Padamsee) and realises that he can't please his girl friend, as she doesn't like many of his qualities including friends. In order to please, he has to resort to tell lies, which is against his mindset. So, he decides to leave her friendship and love as he doesn't want to keep telling lies all through his life. Then he understands one point that there is a tendency that love keeps coming down as the days pass. So, he wants to love a girl for a certain period, and when he thinks that he should resort to lying, he will quit the love game with the girl. Like this, he will keep off nine girls and Jaanu (Genelia) enters into his life as the tenth girl. Ram makes it clear with Jaanu that he would love her for some time, but she wants his love forever, which he could not promise. Did Jaanu able convince Ram that he could love her forever? What was the reaction by Ram? Did Ram realise that he is losing love in the name of some silly reason? Who made him to realise that he was left with only reasons and not love? Did Ram continue to love Jaanu? Was he able to explain that no one in this world can promise a true love forever and can't stand by their word? Answers to all these questions form part of the story.


Ram Charan gave an excellent performance all through the film. His attire, make up, dressing style, accessories and body language gives the audiences a fresh feel of an urbane guy. He improved a lot in all the departments including action, dances, dialogue modulation, body language. However, the only backdrop in his performance is that he could not maintain proper comedy timing, though he managed some scenes. Genelia has a cute and chirpy look. Her performance in the first half is excellent. However, in the second half, she maintained a sober look as the situation demands and in order to teach a lesson to the hero. Shazahn Padamsee, who debuted into Tollywood, made her presence felt. She was impressive and have bright chances to bag some more opportunities, though her recent Hindi flick, `Rocket Singh' turned a dud at Box Office. Avasarala Srinivas and Brahmanandam tried to tickle the funny bones of the audiences and succeeded in most of their attempts. Vennela Kishore and the one who played the sidekick of Ram

Charan gave impressive performance. Gayatri Rao is okay. Prabhu, Sameer, Prakash Raj, Manjula and Sanjay Swaroop did justice to their roles, while Madhurima appeared in one scene and disappeared.


No doubt, Harris Jayaraj gave extraordinary tunes to all the songs and the audio was a super hit and the album proved a chart-buster. Even the background score in re-recording is also impressive.


Though there is an excellent music for the film, the choreography of songs are not so impressive in all the numbers. But for a couple of songs, most of the songs were not properly choreographed. There could be better dances which would have improved the success rate of the film. The Mega fans, who looked for a different and novel steps remain disappointed with the poor choreographic skills of the film.


Cinematography by D Rajasekhar and Kiran Reddy is adequate. The locales of Sydney and Australia were perfectly captured with their excellent camera work. Even the picturisation of songs and action scenes, and other important scenes were picturised with perfect precision to suit the mind of the director.


Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is okay in the first half. But he should have trimmed some scenes in the second half, when the graph is coming down, especially when the audiences started feeling boredom.

Screenplay and direction

Director Bhaskar tried to show some skills in penning the screenplay. The storyline is very delicate. To say simply, `There will be a proportionate inverse activity between longevity and love. As the time pass by, the intensity of love decreases. Finally, it turns conditional, as both the lovers search for `reasons' to separate. However, with a superb screenplay the director he managed to explain it on the screen. But the abrupt climax may play spoil sport. The director reached the expectations in giving a new dimension to Ram Charan Teja's image and his choice in selecting Genelia for the role is also very apt.


Though the film will go well with the younger generation audiences of the city, who were brought up a more modern way. However, for those audiences who stay in villages and towns, may not be able to understand the concept perfectly and get confused. We have to wait and watch how the B, C Centres audiences would receive the film to guess the commercial success of the film

Released on : Nov 26th, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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