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Orma Mathram Preview

Orma Mathram Peview
Dileep, Priyanka
Madhu Kaithapram
Rajan Thaliparamba
Kaithapram Vishwanath
Orma Mathram

Orma Mathram

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

  Dileep had a very good year in 2010 with continuous hits like 'Pappy Appacha,  Karysathan and Marykkundoru Kunjaadu' which all celebrated 100 days.  2011 also started with a good sign for him with the multistarrer 'Christian Brothers' showing trends of becoming a mega hit. After such an year with masala entertainers, Dileep will be back to a realistic tale in the new movie 'Orma Mathram'. Directed by Madhu Kaithapram famous for his sincere story telling like in 'Ekantham' and 'MadhyaVenal', this 'Ormamathram' will be a serious cinema telling the story that is quite close to everyone's life.
  The movie told in the backdrop of fort Kochi will have Janapriyanayakan as Ajayan, a clerk at a lawyer's office. Just like every ordinary men, he also likes to buy everything for less, thus managing his life in between rising prices and market demands. He is living a ordinary but happy life after an intercaste marriage, with his wife Safiya and his only son Siddharth. The life of the couple suddenly becomes standstill following the mysterious missing of their son in a market amidst a bomb blast. The story then follows the  father's journey in search of his son and also tells what changes the missing of a child creates in a family and his society.
  The movie based on a touching story by Rahim kadavath will have Priyanka Nair as Safiya .C.V. Balakrishnan is the scriptwriter of the movie who will try to avoid all the cliches associated with typical family films, also to comment on increasingly politicised and violent filled nature of our current society. M J Radhakrishnan who had always been with his award winning works does the camera. The cast of the movie also includes Nedumudi Venu, Lalu Alex, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Harisree Asokan, Tini Tom, Jayraj Warrier, and Dhanya Mary. Lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri have been tuned by Kaithapram Viswanathan. While Rajeev Kitho is the art director, Pattanam Shah handles the makeup.

  'Orma Maathram' is being produced by Rajan Thaliparamba under the banner of Horizon Entertainment.