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Oru Nunakkadha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 6, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Oru Nunakkadha Review
Ben Arts
Vivek, Ashwathy, Jagathy, Piyoosh, Aneesh Menon, Asharaf
Johnson Thankachan
Mathew Abraham

In one of the mundane sequences in OruNunakkatha', Chachappan, a projector operator in a theatre (played by Suraj Venjaaramoodu) while waiting for the evening 'drinks' of the day mentions to his young friends 'Already I have taken out the reels around half an hour  from the movie that is being projected here. And i don't think even the director of the film will be able to find out whether some part of the movie is missing''. So is the case of the movie itself, where most of the viewers in theatres might have prayed their projector operator to embark on some trick like that to end the torture that they are on.    
In another example of ridiculous story lines and imprudent execution for an altogether ill- made film, 'Johnson's 'Oru Nunakkatha' is a dull fare, which is definitely made thinking only about the prospects of the  satellite rights, that it can fetch. The makers have somehow managed to make the Tamil comedian  Vivek believe that he is on something wise and has placed him as Sub Inspector Singham in the film, whose long cherished dream is to act in a movie. Amidst his regular duties, he is trying ways to somehow become the part of a movie.
Debutant actors Piyush, Aneesh menon and Ashraf plays Aravind, Tony and Sooraj, who are frantic cinephiles, but still in college. Aravind has a crush on Aswathy, but she is suddenly found missing from the campus and is right now playing the heroine of good hearted Tamil cinema director(Raveendran)'s new film in a location at Tamil Nadu. The three friends, now set on a journey to the sets of the movie, to bring the girl back once she has completed the film. Meanwhile some guru advices the film director who is currently in great debts following the failure of his two films that if he can somehow offer his new heroine 'Aswathy as a 'Bali', his new movie will become a super hit and the director is now on the plans for that. The movie, told in a flashback mode after the release of this film where one of the initial cards is a homage to their new heroine, also has Jagathy as Inspector Thampi who is on the run to find the truth behind the murder of the heroine..
This is an extremely confused product, with nothing on track. Right from the illogical turn of events or a drab screenplay(credited to  Abhilash Ramachandran and Abraham V baby) to tacky characterisations, the film gives reasons aplenty to make a hasty exit. We wonder what is the need of two to make such an inane script lines where the writers seems to have taken the viewer for granted.   The director has wasted the senior star Vivek  in a role that could've been essayed by just about anyone and so is the case of Suraj venjaaramoodu and Jagathy Sreekumar who come and go in intervals. The supporting cast looks straight out of a play where the mikes have gone awry. Ashwathy, the popular  television serial artist who hit big time with ` Alphonsamma' is the heroine of the movie, who doesn't show any big promise on big screen.
In the technical front, almost everything is raw as the movie, except the camera side. The debutante Suraj D kolery has almost done his part right and may be a name to watch, if he gets some better opportunities in future. The music side credited to Midhun Easwar is also below average, though almost half a dozen songs pop up at intervals.                                     
In this era of experimentation with fresher themes and story telling  in Indian cinema , it is high time Molly wood viewers walks over these kind off stuff with the needed sympathy . At the box-office, the fall of this 'Nunakktha' inevitable.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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