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Paachuvum Kovaalanum Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, November 1, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Paachuvum Kovaalanum Review
Mukesh, Suraj Venjaramood, Meghna Raj, Jyothirmayi
Elvine John
Mohan Sithara
Paachuvum Kovalanum


The weekend saw two other movies that have no chance in the Box Office, due to their inane story telling methods. Thaha's 'Pachuvum Kovalanum' is one more addition to the list of movies that is sure to sink without a trace. With an awkward script and poor storytelling in the later half, the movie is beyond doubt a waste of your valuable time and money.

The movie has Mukesh as Thomaskutty, a very popular serial director whose latest 'Swathanthriyam Ardharaathriyil' is the rating topper in the TV. Joseph played by Suraj is his cousin brother and also the assistant director of the serial, who is hell bend to make the private and public life his director a little difficult. Both the brothers, who are the sons of two sisters (Kalpana and Sona Nair) who were the first women to appear in a Chavittunatakam stage, often fight in public making others to remember their nicknames 'Pachuvum Kovalanum'.
Paachu's NRI father 'in-law Esthappan, is the producer of his serial. Esthappan is all around looking for a right character to debut into the acting field. Once he find one in the role of Gandhi and make his son-in law agree to his demand. But while shooting his first scene, that is the assassination of Gandhi, Esthappan is shot to death from an actual loaded revolver, used by Godse in the scene. The later half of the movie moves around the investigations about the killing, with a few more characters and their motives unleashed.
Thaha's movie in the scripts of Francis T Mavelikkara moves on in a manageable track till the intermission which comes as a stunner. But after that it is real mayhem with the makers and the viewers having little clue over where the movie is heading. There are plenty of attempts to make fun of the tele- serial production, but little can you make out the story that is being shot for the serial directed by Pachu-which moves in between rain drained heroines to struggles of independence. The movie start to crumble the moment the investigation of C I Benchamin(Riazkhan) begins. That's not all, the entire drama in the second hour is so childish that you wonder how it was okayed by the experienced director in the first place.

Though the movie offers little space for any of its actors to make an impact, all in the cast including Mukesh or Suraj, Meghna raj who appear as actress Sukanya or Jyothirmayi who is Pachu's wife in the movie, play to their roles. Some of the engaging moments of the movie come from Jagathy Sreekumar as Esthappan, who appears in a very realistic makeup for his Gandhi. The technical side is average with names like Utpal V Nayanar and Mohan Sithara contributing not much to make this a memorable fare.
On the whole, 'Pachuvum Kovalanum' is poor show all the way.
Rating 3.5/10 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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