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Pagal Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 3, 2011 • Kannada ]
Pagal Review
Sathya, Pooja Gandhi
PN Sathya
Muralidhar K
V Manohar

Noted director PN Sathya is not in fine tune for his own debut on screen. He should have taken note from Upendra debut in 1998 with 'A'. The lack of pleasant things and tight screenplay missing in this film in addition to PN Sathya not living up to the expectations - the film falls below the expectations.

For the C centers there is some punching dialogues. The innocence of the director as actor on the screen is maintained throughout the film.

Thrown in the dustbin after birth the protagonist is called as 'Thotti' by people in the locality. Uneducated, bit human and blade as his tool to put people in fear - he is a lazy bone. In the company of three friends he steals and lives. His heart is stolen by a haunting tune in the locality. Thotti (Sathya) goes in search and finds a poor Pooja (Pooja Gandhi) with her mother. Pooja wants to become a singer. Thotti is named as 'Soorya' by Pooja and in turn he gets a new life for her using his contacts with director Indrajith Lankesh.

Pooja grows in heights and neglect Soorya is obvious development. Soorya takes revenge on Pooja. Soorya goes mad because of death of Pooja.

PN Sathya should have made a screenplay to suit his ability. He has done in short roles of his directorial ventures in top stars of Kannada cinema. This is not a fit role for him. In acting he is lot deserved to be better. Pooja Gandhi is fine because of the lovely dubbing done to her role.

V Manohar gives three lovely tunes in this rugged and irregular cinema. Speed Babu camera irks the eyes at some places.

'Pagal' is a waste of time of money and energy!

Verdict - 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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