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'Paisa Vasool' Review Live Updates

Friday, September 1, 2017 • Telugu Comments
6:07 am : The film is about to start. Run time is 142 minutes. Watch this space for LIVE updates of Balayya's crazy entertainer
6:13 am : Gun fights, extortion, drugs, abductions - everything associated with dreaded gangsters is depicted in scenes as the titles roll.
6:17 am : Believe it or not, Balayya's very intro shot has him make that 'F' gesture. The gangster, who is regarded as a 'Katharnak Saala', immediately breaks into the title track.
6:29 am : Theda Singh has a comedic clash with Prudhvi which degenerates into gun fights and serious action. 'Godavallo Gold Medal vacchinodni', Theda Singh announces
6:44 am : 'Nannu nammuko, unnadi pettuko.. Paisaa Vasool', Balayya tells Muskan. 'Following unnavadni, follow avvanu', so goes another punch line
6:55 am : 'Image blur aindi. Aina sare.. Neeku, nee blur ku kooda paguluddi', says Theda Singh. A fight every 10 minutes is visited upon the unsuspecting audience.
7:10 am : Meeru bayapadithe nakem vastadi bey.. meeda padithene kick vastadi. Theda Singh tells a new set of goons as yet another action sequence begins
7:15 am : Interval
7:25 am : 'I am a freedom fighter. Smugglers freedom kosam fight chesthoo untanu', Theda Singh tells Sarika (Shriya Saran) as the scene shifts to Portugal
7:39 am : It's time for 'Arey mava ek peg la' as Ali narrates his weird flashback. Shriya lets her hair down in the mass number. The theatre raises a toast.
7:46 am : 'Idhi choopisthe threatening charges padtai', Balayya tells someone who brandishes a gun. That's fun.
8:01 am : Except for 'Kannu kannu kalisayi' song, Balayya and Shriya hardly get to be in love, busy as the film is in perpetuating one action scene after another
8:14 am : A twist arrives. Balayya delivers a terrific act, complete with some home truths, in an interesting scene involving Kabir Bedi
8:25 am : The climax episodes see Balayya outclassing the villains like a pro. It's his one mouth show. In a long time, perhaps no hero has spoken these many lines. The End.