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Pallikoodam Music Review

Pallikoodam Music Review
Vishwas Sundar
Naren, Sneha, Shreya Reddy, Seeman, Thangar Bachchan
Thangar Bachchan
Scintillating stuff
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, May 9, 2007 • தமிழ்] Comments

Bharadwaj is known for his 'touchy' melodies. Having proved his worth coming up with lilting tunes Bharadwaj is one of the few music - composers, who lets his songs do all the talking. He never allows his music to dominate the lyrics. In Palikoodam, the music -director has come up a right mix of fast and soft songs which sticks to heart instantly.

Teaming up with Thangar Bachchan for the first time, Bharadwaj has come up with six songs which are different from each other. His orchestration and use of catchy beats in the album deserves a special mention. Supported well by his lyricists, Bharadwaj has redefined Tamil film music in Pallikoodam.

Meendum Palliku Pogalaam (Bharathwaj) Lyricist: Snehan

A typical Bharadwaj song. It just brings before our eyes the lovely days that we spent in our school. Snehan has has come up with moving lyrics which brings to our eyes the lovely days and joyous moments in a school life. Bharadwaj's voice sits well on the lyrics. Soft music coupled with catchy lyrics makes the song work wonders. It is certain to join the league of Gnayabagam Varudhae in Autograph  and Avaravar Vazhkayil in Pandavar Bhoomi.

Indha Nimidam (Srinivas, Janani) Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

It is a soft melody which dwells on the romantic moments shared between a lover couple. Na Muthukumar has come up with simple lyrics. What makes the song work in Bharadwaj's shrewd orchestration. Srinivas lilting voice coupled with synchronized beats is pleasant to hear. Job well done Bharadwaj.

Kaadu Padhunguromay (Ramjhis Esai Mazhalai) Lyricist: Vivega

Abaswaram Ramjhi's young music troupe Esai Mazhalai have rendered the song which is all about the young children who try desperately to stay away from going to school. Viveka's lyrics on the young children not wanting to go to school is very simple and easy to understand. Bharadwaj has come up with a earthy music and the song is fast paced with new sounds. Sure to rock among children is this number.

9 Manikku 9 Manikku (Ramjhis Esai Mazhalai) Lyricist: Vivega

It is again Ramjhi's Esai Mazhalai and crew. But this time, he opts for a pacy number with rustic feel written all over it.  Supposedly the title song of the movie, it is again by children, it throws light on the love, friendship and care shared by friends in a school.

Manasu Marugudhey (Subiksha, Narayanan) Lyricist: Thenmozhi

A soft romantic song. Bharadwaj is always known for coming up with songs which are mild, catchy and music that doesn't dominate the lyrics. Here too, Bharadwaj has opted for mild instruments and a catchy interlude in flute. A soft number which oozes with youthful lyrics and mesmerizing touch of melody in it.

Rose Mary (Gana Ulaganathan, Suchitra) Lyricist: Gana Ulaganathan

A remix from Bharadwaj's stable. The master of melodies has opted to go for retune of MGR's evergreen classic Nanomo. Bharadwaj has retained the tune but has given a fresh feel to it by opting to go for a Chennai lyrics and a racy musical accompaniment. Gana Ulaganathan after Valamenukkum has managed to strike the right chord with front-benchers with this song.

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