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Pankaj Tripathi talks about his signature acting move 

Monday, September 6, 2021 • Hindi Comments

Pankaj Tripathi talks about his signature acting move 

There's something about actor Pankaj Tripathi which differentiates him from rest of the celebrities. He manages to stay grounded and close to his roots even after achieving great fame and success. He has worked in multiple excellent projects in last two years and as he have told in multiple interviews, this has began to take toll on his health. However, he never lets his problems disappoint his fans.

He recently said, "Youngsters from far-away places, even UP-border come, sometimes even at midnight. I meet as many people as I can. But because of that I end up spending less time with my parents. I need to be at my main door all the time." All the fame and popularity still seems like a miracle to Pankaj who says, "A boy from rural India came here to become an actor, and eventually became one, people started recognising him, this in itself is a miracle. Our state Bihar is a little behind in terms of artistic landscape. I was speaking with Manoj bhaiya (Bajpayee) too that OTT has made actors like us (from the same state), immensely busy and popular."

It is common for actors to develop a signature move while performing and Pankaj recently found out about his specific move which is his trademark neck twitch. He says, “People making memes are very creative. They observe small things and give it a whole new interpretation. I noticed how I do it (neck movement) in the middle of Mirzapur’s shooting. I got a script for a TVC recently where it was mentioned ‘Tripathi’s signature nod here’ (laughs). I say if you ask for it deliberately, I can’t do it. It’s spontaneous."


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