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'Parotas are not rotis, impose 18% GST'

Friday, June 12, 2020 • Telugu Comments

A special ruling by an authority in Bengaluru has said that Parotas should be taxed at a GST rate of 18% and not 5%. It's because, as per the court, parotas don't fall under the definition of rotis as per the law!

The ruling has come in for sharp criticism from several Netizens, who are trolling the authority in particular and the bureaucracy in general for making things harder. GST was supposed to make the tax regime simple and effective. On the contrary, rulings like the latest one are making it all the more complex.

Commenting on the development, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi sarcastically wrote, "Parota is not Roti because unlike rotis which are ready to eat, Porotas need to be heated before consumption. GST Authorities under the aegis of Ld. FM are working overtime to make tax regime simpler and uncomplicated."

Social media influencer @thekaipullai wrote, "At the time when India has to push towards massive reform, easing tax laws and creating a better environment for business, our Babus are debating if Parathas are rotis. While we are at it, let us also decide the status of Puris, Kulchas and Naans. Also, is Cheese Kulcha the same as Plain Kulcha? There is also the case of Medu Vada, Maddur Vada, Masala Vada and Batata Vada. These are all matters of National importance. Taking on China can wait."

Entrepreneur Ramesh Srivats quipped, "Roti: 5% GST. Parota: 18% GST. Hmm, that would place Naan and Kulcha at 28%. (No way I'm even looking at Butter Naan and Rumali Roti)."

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