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Pasanga 2 - Haiku Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, December 22, 2015 • Tamil ]
Pasanga 2 - Haiku Review
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Suriya, Amala Paul, Bindhu Madhavi, Mundasupatti Munishkanth, Vidhya, Master Nishesh, Baby vaishnavi

Contest : Watch Pasanga 2 and Interact with Suriya,Pandiraj & Team

After the National award winning ''Pasanga'' and ''Marina'', director Pandiraj is back with yet another film that takes us into the word of children. This time he has teamed up with actor Suriya as a producer and he has also played a pivotal role in the film. However Suriya has smartly cautioned us to not expect things that we would expect from a usual Suriya film but promised that the film about kids has a lesson for everyone to take home.

Let''s look how the film has lived upto this promise.

Naina (Vaishnavi) and Kavin (Nishesh) are extremely active and naughty in school and their parents are forced to keep on changing the schools. Only after meeting Tamil Nadan (Suriya) a child psychiatrist, they learn that their kids have Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder. The rest is how the kids overcome the disorder with the help of Tamil Nadan and his wife Venba (Amala Paul), a teacher who has an altogether different perspective on parenting, education and schooling.

With ''Pasanga 2'', Pandiraj proves yet again that he is the master of handling films related to kids. The film definitely lives up to its promise and it gives some much needed lessons to society especially the young parents on how they should look at their kids and how they can positively influence their kid’s right from the time of pregnancy.

Pandiraj''s unique brilliance strikes right from the first scene where a relatively fat boy participates in a long run competition and he wins a prize despite coming last in the race.  The idea of using the titling space for subtly conveying the point that how the kids are influenced by what their moms do during pregnancy is another delight.

After the two lead kids are introduced you cannot do anything but enjoy with laughs and claps. The travails faced by the parents due to the kids are also captured realistically. Thankfully the emotional scenes do not touch the line of melodrama and ever parent can relate to the situation faced by the parents of these two kids. Especially the climax sequence can leave tears in your eyes.

After the introduction of Suriya and Amala Paul, which happens towards the interval, the proceedings lighten up and we get some really sweet moments of parenting, educating the kids and getting educated by them in the second half. The two characters have been used to quell the misunderstanding of parents about kids with such extraordinary abilities. But the reliability aspect takes a little beating in these sequences, as the couple (Suriya and Amala Paul) are shown as the ‘Ideal’ who run one ''Happy family''.

The film offers umpteen infotainment and the messages are conveyed without being preachy. Apt stress has been made on the importance of the complete dedication and involvement of both the parents and family in various phases of growth of a kid. The scene explaining this using a sapling as a metaphor for a kid shows Pandiraj''s brilliance as a writer.

The film has its share of clichés but they are not bothersome. It is also predictable but this is not a film that one would expect twists and turns.  The film deals with upper middle class and middle class families and how the messages reach all the sections of the society is something we have to wait and watch. The problems of the disorder and dealing with it could have been allotted a little more time in the script.

The film''s lead actors Vaishnavi and Nishesh make a brilliant debut. Everyone will definitely love these kids and also the other kids appearing in the film. Nishesh deserves a special mention for his dancing skills.

Karthik Kumar and Bindhu Madhavi are Vaishnavi’s parents in the film. Kartik especially has got so deep into the character as at any moment you don''t feel you are watching him perform in a film.

Ramdass (Muneeshkanth) and Vidhya Pradeep are the parents of Nishesh. Ramdass excels well in emotional scenes and offers some good comic moments as a person with kleptomania.

Both Bindhu and Vidhya are apt in the roles of young and educated mothers.

Suriya and Amala Paul have played extended cameo roles. But it would be apt to call theirs as pivotal supporting roles. Suriya is at his best as a child friendly young parent and a level-headed psychiatrist. Amala Paul gets one of the best roles in her career and watching her is a delight.

Arrol Corelli''s songs are passable while re-recording passes muster. Balasubramaniem’s camerawork is apt and fits the tone of the script and offers us a delightful watching experience.

Verdict: An enjoyable and enlightening ride into the world of kids.

Contest : Watch Pasanga 2 and Interact with Suriya,Pandiraj & Team

Rating: 3.25 / 5.0

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