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Passenger Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 8, 2009 • Malayalam ]
Passenger Review
Vijay Combines
Sreenivasan, Dileep, Mamtha, Lakshmi Sharma, athathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Sona Nair, Ruby
Renjith Shankar
S P Pillai, Sankaran Kutty

A thriller and restrained narratives seldom go hand -in hand. But director Renjith Shankar in his positively brimming and appreciable debut has forced such a miracle in Mollywood. A sharp film, mixing genres with a spectacular aplomb, the debutante with his movie `Passenger' necessarily races in a lot of fresh air and ideas to the industry, which had been terribly off rails with the regular detrimental routines. In fact, he has even toned down the mandatory songs, and associated emotional drama, to create a rather well-crafted film on a cheeky concept, that achieves more than what it set out to.
The movie which is also scripted by the director tells the happenings in the life of three persons in a span of three days. Sathyanath, working in a pharmaceutical company, is a committed middle class man living with his simple dreams and desires. His routine includes daily to and fro travel on train from Nellayi to Ernakulam south, with his bunch of friends working in various firm in the city. A sharp tongued citizen with good observations and responsibility, he has a peculiar habit of taking a short sleep for half an hour amidst his travel schedule.
Adv. Nandan Menon , a social activist is hell bend of evacuating a multinational company from the shores of Maranattukara, which is planning to displace thousands from the land for carrying on with their mineral sand mining activities. He is running cases pleading adequate govt. intervention in countering this sand mafia. He is adequately supported in this venture by his wife and visual media journalist, Anuradha, who is presently engaged in exposing the nexus between home minister Thomas Chacko and the foreign companies.
On the same night Sathynathan, late from his work, catches a different train, remains asleep for long and meet Nandhan Menon in the train. Anuradha, who is now chased by the goons of the minister, also gets alleged for a murder. Sathyanathan who was perfect stranger for the couple, now decides to do his share to help his new find friend who is doing good for the society. The movie then takes the shape of an edge of the set thriller, and races ahead to an indulging finale.
The film, balanced well, though with a few loose ends, never quite loses the grip as the screenplay and protagonists talks only as much as is required. With familiar characters with contemporary references, the movie showcases a glorious, idyllic celebration of middle class values, mirroring our times, with a few idealistic men taking the helm of activity. Most of the cast including Dileep and Sreenivasan act well and good, as they haven't been asked to overdo much in the first place. Mamtha excels in her role of a journo, and in fact never ever creates a dull moment in her sequences. But the surprise package is Jagathy Sreekumar, with a very constraint act to live up to the role of a political megalomaniac.
The movie also belongs to cinematographer P Sukumar who has done a great job with well framed shots, capturing the essence of life in trains. Biji Bal in background scoring and Saburam in art direction also amuses the audience with their cleverness.
With a heart exactly in the right place, Renjith Sankar's first film shows a lot of good intent. Jump on this `Passenger' to spend a two hour of engaging adventures, and of course, to enjoy a big breath of fresh air.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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