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Pawan Kalyan & Upendra sick of 'intolerance narrative'
Thursday, September 14, 2017 • Telugu Comments

It's not just their socially conscientious talk that unites Pawan Kalyan and Upendra.  They both share similar views about the 'India is growing intolerant' narrative peddled by the mainstream media.

In his I-Day speech, the Jana Sena chief drove home the message that our society is by and large very tolerant towards people of diverse faiths.  "Whenever anyone is troubled in our diverse society, crores of Indians will stand united for the wronged people.  We all stand for one Bharat," Pawan said with all earnestness.  He further celebrated the pluralist ethos of India when he said that an Abdul Kalam could become our President, while Hindus have no dignity of life (he almost said it, though not exactly in these words) in Pakistan.  

It seems Upendra too thinks on similar lines.  The founder of a political party, the Kannada star on Wednesday shared a post on Twitter.  The post talks about how the persecution complex among the communities is being perpetuated by the media (including social media).  "Just look at your friends who belong to different castes, communities, and religions.  And you will find that you are living in one of the best countries in the world," the post says.

Any more proof needed to say that the two superstars are sick of the 'intolerance narrative'?