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Pawan Kalyan tears into Jagan, dares him

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Pawan Kalyan tears into Jagan, dares him

A day after Jaganmohan Reddy made personal comments on Pawan Kalyan, the Jana Sena chief today gave a strong reply at a presser. He touched upon the government's English medium in government schools proposal, and the sand policy.

Here we bring you the highlights of Pawan's presser:

We all know how important a role sand plays in the construction sector. Whatever wrongs were committed by the previous government must be rectified by the new one keeping in mind the welfare of lakhs of workers. Why is a government as strong as the current one screwing things up, affecting the livelihood of lakhs of workers?

There is no place for personal comments when pressing issues are staring us in the face. Our party's culture is against making cheap comments.

I don't see Jaganmohan Reddy garu as just the leader of a party or a caste group. Neither am I a leader of just one caste group.

Why can't you marry thrice? Who is stopping you? Why are you bothered about my three marriages? I didn't do it because I loved it. The first two marriages didn't work for me. Is it because of my marriages that you (Jagan) were jailed for two years?

A snake is respected only as long as it is swirled around Shiva's neck. YCP politicians have to keep this in mind. If something goes awry with Jagan garu, things will become messy for you!

On the language issue

Andhra State was formed on the basis of language. Has the CM studied history at all? Potti Sriramulu garu sacrificed his life for a linguistic basis of division.

English is a global language. Nobody can deny that. But a decision to introduce the English language has to be rational and scientific. You are introducing the medium without training teachers in the language. How can you take a sweeping decision in the absence of training?

Even UNESCO said that education in mother language in the primary school will be the most optimum. I studied in Telugu medium in that phase.

Unfortunately, our Telugu is corrupted because our everyday language is a mix of Telugu and English, Telugu and Urdu, etc.

Our children shouldn't be torn between English and Telugu. We can't afford a future where they know neither Telugu nor English proficiently. You (Jagan) won't be around when they are in the job market!

Let there be a debate on language. I am saying this in Vijayawada. I am not scared of the factionalist politics of YCP. You may have power in your hands, but I won't budge a bit. I will only emerge stronger.

When India's second most powerful person (Amit Shah) said that Hindi learning a must, the Prime Minister himself stepped in to do damage control and made moves to suggest that he respects Tamil. When such big men are like that, how can the CM be so cavalier?

I can talk in such a way that you will not be able to raise your head. But I won't do that.

If you love English so much, make Suprabhatham reading at TTD happen in English.

No cheap talk, I tell you

You have a strong majority and can deliver the best rule. You have the numbers. But you are indulging in cheap talk. Your language is of a YCP leader, not of the Chief Minister.

My parents have taught me culture. So, I won't pay back in the same coin. But if you want to stretch out things, I will do street-level politics. I am not scared of your factionalist politics.

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