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Recently divorced actress commits suicide

The film and Television industry is witnessing an increase in the number of suicides that are committed by its members.  Those in the know attribute peer pressure and depression as the main reasons for celebrities ending their own lives.  The Bengali film industry is in shock hearing the news of actress Payal Chakraborty who hanged herself in a hotel room in Siliguri.

Payal who has acted in the recent films 'Cockpit' was awaiting the release of her next film 'Kelo' on September 18th.  The 38 year old also a veteran Television actress had recently divorced and after checking in at the hotel had informed the staff not to disturb her.

The staff of the Siliguri hotel found that Payal did not wake up and leave to Gangtok as she had informed them.  Cops were called in and when the door was broken the actress was found hanging from the ceiling fan.   Though it looked like a clear case of suicide the police are also probing other possibilities.  Payal leaves behind her only son who is a school going kid.