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"People Will regret Taking down Arjun Reddy Posters"- Sandeep Reddy
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 • Telugu Comments

One of the most bold and controversial movies in the past week is slowly making its way to the big screens, starring Vjay Devarkonda and Shalini Pandey, directed by Sandeep Vanga and produced by Pranay Reddy Vanga under "Bhadrakali Pictures' production house.

The director opens up about all the controversies surrounding the movie, trailerthe curse words that were used in the movie but were forced to delete later on, his inspiration behind the script of ‘Arjun reddy’ and many more things!

So, let’s just jump right ahead to the interview!

What is the subject of Arjun reddy? What is it about?

This is an emotionally driven story. It is trying to be very real. Performances you will never forget. Romance is open. Romance, as in, not in terms of adult-rated scenes. You’ll find reality of people falling in love in this movie. Expression of "love" in a story means, usually love starts with a kiss and everything. But that is not the way we presented it. The movie will leave a long-lasting image in your mind.

What's the inspiration behind Arjun Reddy script?

I do not want to reveal the thought that struck me to make this movie but I’ll say that not many movies open with a dark travel of a love-story. See, most movies just begin on a lighter note. That dark mood is the main point of the film. Sad celebration of love. I don’t know what we call it in Telugu but if you look at English/Hindi movies, the characters are in a sad and dark mood, but the song is sung in a high note. It’s a celebration of love. So, yeah...

So, can you say that the inspiration was your personal life?

I draw inspiration out of my own life. Inspiration from so many things happening around you. Personal influences? Definitely. Everyone puts out there, a piece of their personal lives, on screen without actually disturbing the authenticity of it.

Were you a love failure in your schooling/college years?

Yes, I was a love failure too.

What did you do before you took Direction as your career?

I used to do physiotherapy before I took direction. I am a post graduate from film-making in Australia. I was there for 3 years. I worked in Kedi (Akkineni Nagarjuna) film as an assistant director. I did some script work for Kranti’s film.

How was the pre-production part of ‘Arjun Reddy’ like?

The shooting process took place in remote locations. Some virgin and real locations were chose for the shooting. We did not used studio effects for the locations part. Like audience have an attachment with studio-shot films. For example, ‘Khushi’ was shot in Ramanaidu Studio and people knew that it was shot in that studio buit Arjun reddy was not shot in a studio. Out and out in real locations. For four months, we spent just on permissions and legal formalities for those permissions. So, Vijay devarkonda in the meanwhile took off with ‘Pellichoopulu’ and that’s why Arjun reddy was delayed.

There’s controversy about the movie being too bold too soon, what are your comments on that?

There’s nothing too bold about the movie or the movie poster. Yes, they were kissing on the poster but if you observe, their eyes were closed. Their expression is the only thing one should be seeing, but everyone just misconstrued the whole point of it.

What about the curse words that are used in movie?

If your expression is neutral, then what is the point? You have to voice out what you feel. Some curse words like "I will f*cking kill you. Ma$harchod, B@stard and such, what’s wrong with that?

Don’t you think you could have minimized the eccentric attention on the bold moves?

It is important to care about what impression the filmmakers are leaving on the audience. Had if we not took the measures to prep the audience for the movie, they will be shocked, if they watched the movie out of nowhere, which is why we took those marketing strategies as a key point for the movie. Now, the audience is prepared to watch a movie like this. They have a pre-conditioned curiosity about the movie, which is nice.

There were rumours that the movie's title was based on "Reddy" caste feeling. Is that so?

There’s nothing about caste-feeling in this movie or its title. The character name is Arjun Reddy because the script is oriented on characters. That’s why we chose that title.

There is news circulating that initially, the script was meant for Saravanan?

Initially, the script was written for Sarvanan but we chose not to because of technical reasons. I didn’t want to make any changes to my script.  So, my next option was Vijay(Devarkonda). Had I went ahead with Sarvanan, then the opening shot would be in ‘Paalakollu’.(laughs) Just saying...

How do you think the audience is going to take this movie?

I’m sure the movie is going to blow everyone’s mind. I guarantee that. People will regret removing those posters and all. People will have a great time watching this movie.

The movie extended the time-constraints of the film Board. What’s your take on that?

The time-lag was something that was needed for the film as the content carried too much emotion to just ignore. We watch cricket, for example, we do not look at the time because in India, cricket is not watched as a sport but as an emotion. It is looked at as an emotional drama. Then, why can’t we look at piece of art, a movie as what it is? Why do we have to limit it with time constraints? When you work in detail, you need to show a few things. It’s amusing to me to see that some movies are done within 2 Hours and 45 minutes constraint, it’s not something I can do.

Is there something the audience should know before they watch the movie?

Forget everything about your life. Forget other things that are going on in your mind and just watch the movie and just watch what I am showing to you.

Was the Board too harsh on the movie?

Other than that one line( "I will kill f#cking kill you") in the movie, the "b%stard" line too was removed. I don’t understand the point of removing curse words. People are going to use them anyway, in real life.

Is Arjun Reddy based on your love-life?

Is it my love-life that I’ve put in the movie? When you put down something you feel, in a script because a certain emotion inspires you, then automatically the spirit surrounding that emotion and inspiration makes its way into the script, without one’s knowledge. It’s normal. It’s as simple as that.

‘Arjun Reddy’ is all ready to hit the big screens on 25th of August 2017.