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Personally, he is my favourite hero: Radha Krishna Kumar

Saturday, April 4, 2015 • Telugu Comments

Jil director Radha Krishna Kumar Interview

Radha Krishna Kumar, the director of 'Jil', is elated with the response for his directorial debut. In an exclusive interiew with Indiaglitz, he talks about how the movie started, working experience with Gopichand and UV Creations, his inspiration to get into films, his upcoming projects etc.

Here is the interview...

How is the response for 'Jil' ?

I am very happy with the response of audiences for 'Jil'. I am getting calls from many congratulating us. We thank one and all for supporting our hardwork and making this film such a big hit.

How was the project 'Jil' started ?

I've been assisting Chandrasekhar Yeleti for the last 8 years. I am the writer for 'Prayanam' and ''Saahasam'.When I was working for Saahasam, I narrated the point to Gopichand. He liked it and asked me to start working on it. After two months, I approached him with the bound script. He liked it and asked me to narrate the story to Vamsi and Pramod. I narrated the story to them and the film took off.

What is your background and how did you get into films ?

I am basically from Vizag. I did my graduation there. After watching 'Aithe' movie, I called up Chandrasekhar Yeleti and congratulated him. I said I am interesting in getting into industry. He asked me to come to Hyderabad. He interviewed me twice and said I was fit to be his AD. I've been working with him since till my directional debut.

You seem to have concentrated more on the presentation than on the story for 'Jil' ?

That's not true. We have worked very hard to simplify the script and make it understandable to the common audiences. Style is a part of the script. It's not something separately added or forced on to the script.

How did you convince Gopichand for the makeover ?

When I was writing the story, we decided to do a more urbanized and stylized film. In that process, we also concentrated more on hero's look. After discussing with the producers and after Gopichand agreed for the makeover, we went ahead.

Reason for taking the fire officer backdrop ?

The reason is it is a new backdrop. After watching the movie, you come to know how that backdrop connects to the story.

Hero is a fire officer. But he rides a costly bike and leads a luxurious life. Do you think it is convincing to the audiences ?

He is a group one fire officer. His family is big and he is rich. There are two to three dialogues in the film, which tell that.

Raashi Khanna did only soft roles till now. How did you imagine her in this role, which is quite opposite to her earlier roles and also glamorous ?

According to the story, Raashi's role is very poetic.We are very happy that audiences are discussing about her role and her acting after leaving theatir. Coming to glamour, songs are the glamour for our film. For that we worked hard. The credit goes to choreographers Raju Sundaram, Raghu master and costume designer Bhaskar.

The fight sequences in the movie, especially the rain fight, are much talked about. How did you work for them ?

The response for the action sequences is very good. Even girls are saying that the action sequences are good and we are very happy about it. The action choreographer who worked for this film is Anal Arasu. He worked for very less South films. After producers took his appointment, I narrated the story to him. He took this project personally and worked on it. He took my vision to the next level and presented grandly. I am very thankful to him.

Is the place where the rain fight was shot a set ?

We should talk about art director Prakash, when talking about the rain fight. Many are asking if we have shot it Kerala or Spain. But it was shot at Aluminium factory in Hyderabad. It is a set. 50 to 60 percent is set and the remaining is CG work. The credit of the output goes to art director Prakash and CG team Pixelloid.

How was the working experience with UV Creations and Gopichand ?

UV Creations is the best production to work with. The support they give to a director is tremendous. If you convince them with an idea, they will invest even 100 crores. They are very good human beings and are very passionate about films. I am very happy to have worked with him.

Without Gopichand's support, nothing would have happened. I know him for the past six to seven years. Because of that personal relationship he believed in me and supported me a lot. I thank him for his support.

Ghibran's music, especially his BGM in fight sequences is very good. How was he working experience with him ?

The audio of Ghibran is very good and we were very happy with the songs initially. But we were little bit worried about how he would score the BGM because he never worked with a big mass hero before. But he actually surprised us. The response for the background score is very good.

Are you ready to experiment or will you do only commercial films ?

It depends. Actually I want to do experimental films. But I will not experiment on hero's image.

With which hero, do you want to work in future ? Who is your favourite hero ?

I like everybody and I want to work with every hero in the industry.

You are being diplomatic...

I am not diplomatic. I like everybody and I watch every film. I am a very good common audience and I respond like a mass audience in the theatre. Personally I like Chiranjeevi since my childhood. I don't know I will be able to do a film with him.

Which are you favourite films ?

My favourite films are 'Brave Heart', 'Titanic' and 'Jurassic Park'.

What are your upcoming projects ?

As I am busy with the promotions of 'Jil', I haven't approached anyone. The story discussions are going on and I will announce the details soon.

With that we rounded off the interview congratulating him.

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