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Police Music Review

Police Music Review
Athul Kulkarni, Prashanth, Shayaji Shinde, Ashish Vidyarthy, Delhi Ganesh, Lakshmi, Kousalya, Laura Dutta
Ramesh Sethi
Sweet and soft
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, September 14, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

Ouseppachan is perhaps the musician of the times. He has got both melody as well as mass appeal. He mixes them adroitly. In this album, he fuses them together in a sturdy strand and makes them stand strongly.

1) Kana Kannil

Soft and sweet like newly-baked cake, this one melts with ease on your ears. Balu and Sankaran Namboothiri sing with slight affectation. Yet, the essential lilt and cadence are strong enough to carry the song through. Ousepachan's orchestration is trendy; but he still manages to bring an easy and acceptable touch to his tones.

2) Ninnil Nizhalai

Anoop Sankar's voice suits the mood of the tune like a helmet on a F-1 driver ---just about right. This is another quiet and cute melody. The cool flow is heightened by typical rhythms and elegant instrumentation. The song has a touch of Nadanamakriya raga.

3) Manju Veenu

For outsiders, listening to Malayalam songs is a pleasurable exercise simply because it is uncomplicated. There is over dramatization in terms of tonal variations. The tunes too are simple and without complex funky sounds. The singing, like in this one, is attractively straight. Sujatha has a voice that reminds you of a smooth flowing river with all its sweep and stretch.

4) Violin

Ouseppachan's violin piece is in one word sweet. Stay away from it if you are a diabetic. Listen to it on a rainy evening. A small tear will surely peep out of your eyes.

5) Kanneerumai

 It seems like a slow trot. A ballad of sorts. G Venugopal, who vocalizes the number, has a simple but attractive voice. This simple tune is uncomplicated, the instrumentation is minimal with the right pauses.

6) Vinnilavin

Biju Narayanan has a bold and strong voice. He brings all the elements of his vocal chords to the fore in this number. Certainly not the most original of tunes, the song still has some quaint attraction.

7) Oru Manvilakku

This is one for the discoing youths. The pep. The beat. The rap. Everything is for the modern minds. There is a catchy beat. The orchestration is also innovative. But some purists may not like Malayalam words spit out in Anglicized accent. Franko, Balu belt out the number as if in a hurry to catch a departing bus. Chitra also chips with an indecipherable line.

The album passes muster as Ouseppachan has struck to his essential strengths and for giving primacy to the melody.