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Prague Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 26, 2013 • Hindi ]
Prague Review
Maxwell Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Glamour Struck Productions
Chandan Roy Sanyal, Gulshan Devaiya, Kalki Koechlin, Elena Kazan, Arfi Lamba, Mayank Kumar, Sonia Bindra
Ashish Shukla
Rohit Khaitan, Sunil Pathare
Atif Afzal

What is it all about?

An experimental director's rare that cares for the noir and is daringly proud to be different. Produced by Rohit Khaitan and helmed by Ashish R Shukla (first feature) `Prague' is a dope of hope for those who are hackneyed by the run of the mill mundane delivered every week.

`Prague' is one of those movies that you admire more for its style, approach and technique than you enjoy, and yes Ashish Shukla and Chandan Roy Sanyal are clearly the talents to watch out in future..

The Story

A superior exercise in imagination, mood, atmospherics and conceptualization, `Prague' is a drama that mystically springs shock and surprise repeatedly thanks to the team of Sumit Saxena, Ashish R. Shukla, Vijay Verma and Akshendra Mishra as writers who give a hauntingly mystical shape to Rohit Khaitan's concept. The writers twine the mystery of the city `Prague' with that of the protagonist passionate architect Chandan (Chandan Roy Sanyal) who has strong but delusional ideas about love and life meets a Czech gypsy girl played by Elena Kazan who is searching for her identity and true love. in between them is a is a mean friend Gulshan (Kumar Mayank) which Chandan can't do without and cannot trust either. The inner conflicts of Chandan heightens because his past from India refuses to leave him alone. His insecurities have made his life a living hell. His only ally in his darkest times is his friend Arfie but then..

What to look out for

Nourishing the movie with the French noirish feel Ashish Shukla meticulously crafts the movie as an art house delight of guilt and paranoia with smart psychological overtones.

Adding potent with very identifiable, simple, straight, `in' sync but complex characters like today's youth `Prague' is disturbing at some times but moral and vastly sophisticated in its attitude and that what makes it stay tasty for those who love to order their cinematic tea dipped in such genres.

The dialogues are simple and straight.

Technicalities play a significant part where Uday Mohite's camera brilliantly captures the mood in India and `Prague' with smooth and provocative visualizations of characters and the city making it an interesting fascinating journey.

Atif Afzal's music sets the mood perfectly, Sanjay Chaturvedi sound is apt. Meghna Manchanda Sen's editing is sharp and crisp. Siddharth Mathawan & Mrinal Das art is appropriate. Reliance Media Works DI & VFX are as per the tone and color of the film.

Chandan Roy Sanyal comes up with a great performance, full of commitment and truly mesmerizing. The actor successfully takes us right into his pain without any special pleading.

Elena Kazan is the sweet soothing relaxing effect to this mind ringer. She looks gorgeous and appears in complete sync with her character and gives a beautiful performance.

Kumar Mayank as Gulshan is completely natural. Arfie suits the bill.

What Not

Although' Prague' is a shot in the arm for those who dare to be different in this part of the world. `Prague' winding up during its end isn,t that ringing and haunting as the entire film. A couple of more characters could have added layers to the story which suddenly got missing after a point. Its edgy, haunting, dark with psychological overtones right but still the required light to the contrast is somewhat missing.

Conclusion: `Prague' is smartly conceptualized and crafted head ringer that strikes the required bell for those who want to witness cinema that goes beyond bollywood. Anchored by some mesmerizing performance by Chandan Roy Sanyal is cut above the normal b-town norms which we experience every Friday.. if you have a taste for such tea then flee to your nearest theater this week.

Rating ***and1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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